The Collection

The Collection Online presents a searchable database of selected artworks from the Serralves Collection. The database is organized according to artist in alphabetical order and is being regularly updated as a result of continued research and collection development. 

The Collection currently holds over 4300 works, of which more than 1700 are directly owned by Serralves with a further 2600 works from various private and public collection on deposit. Deposits include works from the Collection of the Portuguese Secretariat of State for Culture and the Luso-American Development Foundation (FLAD) Collection. The Serralves Collection also includes approximately 5000 artists’ books and editions. Details of this collection can be accessed at

The starting point of the Collection refers to the historic period of political, social and cultural change that took place around the world, with the emergence of new paradigms in art making. ‘Circa 1968’, the inaugural exhibition of the Serralves Museum of Contemporary Art in 1999 served as a manifesto of this vision, highlighting the seminal decade of the mid–1960s to the mid–1970s.

As part of a continued research and development of the Collection in the twenty-first century, the Serralves Collection aspires to further distinguish itself through its focus on performance and architecture and to offer perspectives on contemporary art in relation to global realities. While resonating with the art and ideas of our recent past, the Collection aims to reflect on how the art of today also anticipates its future.

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