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22 APR 2017
FROM THE HAND TO APPROPRIATION: WHAT IS CONTEMPORARY ART? Meeting in the exhibition With Sofia Ponte, researcher.

Throughout this conversation, driven by presentation of milestone events in the history of museums, the aim is to establish a space to exchange ideas and pose questions about subjects related to Contemporary Art exhibitions. From the end of the 1960s onwards, a fruitful debate was generated in relation to art museums and exhibitions. This resulted in several reinterpretations of the concept of the exhibition and development of practices initially associated to Institutional Criticism and then, in the 1990s, to Relational Aesthetics. These two tendencies emphasise the legitimacy of artistic strategies in exploring the phenomenon of art as an expression of an activity rooted in a political and economic system and a social and cultural system, from a perspective that questions the function and representation strategies of art museums. In other words, in curatorial activity, for the management of the meaning(s) of artistic practices, in the present and future, artists’ choices increasingly tend not to be taken for granted, and curators have been trying to understand the complexity of the  dimensions of curatorial activity, beyond its aesthetic dimension.
Sofia Ponte (b. 1978, Lisbon), PhD from the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Porto (FBAUP) with the thesis, Transform Functional Art into a Museum Object (2016). She has been teaching Contemporary Art theory and related areas at FBAUP since 2011. She received a scholarship from the Portuguese Science and Technology Foundation (FCT) between 2012-2016. She completed her Master's degree in Visual Culture at the School of Architecture and Planning, MIT in 2008, and obtained a BA Hons degree in Sculpture at FBAUP in 2001. She is a full-time researcher at 2iADS - Institute of Research in Art, Design and Society.
This new programme organised by the Serralves Museum’s Educational Service intends to bring the general public closer to the universe of contemporary art. The starting point is the temporary exhibitions on display in the museum, which will be used to introduce key themes and issues of contemporary art.
Always held on Saturdays, this programme introduces the general public to contemporary art. Each meeting will have a specific focus. The works presented in the exhibitions will be the starting point for conversation in the galleries.
Exclusive Sponsor of the Museum and the Exhibition
  • LocationSerralves Museum
  • Schedule17h00 - 18h30
  • Days22 APR 2017

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