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Aga Khan Music Initiative - Aga Khan Ensemble: New Music from the Silk Route
20 MAR 2017
The trans-Eurasian trade routes known as the Silk Route served as conduits not only of commerce but of cultural exchange, which included music, musicians, and musical instruments. 

The Aga Khan Music Initiative ensemble will travel to Portugal for a series of three concerts. The opening concert will take place at the Serralves Auditorium on March 20, followed by a presentation at the Assembly of the Republic on March 21 and the final concert will be held in the Ismaili Centre in Lisbon on March 23.

The Aga Khan Music Initiative is an artistic endeavour that recalls and reinterprets timeless musical encounters from the territories of the historic Silk Road. The Aga Khan Music Initiative’s main artists perform a newly created repertoire of compositions, improvisations and contemporary arrangements inspired by tradition. Aiming to convey the richness and diversity of the region's artistic traditions, this performance celebrates new music and honours the region's most cherished and revered annual festivity: the Navroz, which welcomes the Spring.

The Aga Khan Ensemble consists of some of Aga Khan Music Initiative’s most talented musicians, from Afghanistan, China, Italy and Syria, and exemplifies how musical creativity has historically been influenced by the interaction between different cultural influences. This group of innovative musicians helps transmit ancient musical traditions to a new generation of musicians, and also to new audiences. The musicians are Homayoun Sakhi (Afghan rubab), Basel Rajoub (saxophone, duclar), Sirojiddin Juraev (dutar, tanbur), Salar Nader (tabla), Andrea Piccioni (frame drums) and Feras Charestan (qãnun).

The concert "New Music from the Ends of the Silk Road" is co-produced with the Aga Khan Music Initiative, a programme of the Aga Khan Trust for Culture, based in Geneva
Access: Free, subject to collecting a ticket (issued on the day) at reception - subject to seating capacity.

Welcoming by Serralves Foundation President, Ana Pinho

Brief intervention by an Imamat Ismaili representant

Ensemble's presentation by Aga Khan Music Initiative director, Fairouz Nishanova

Music show
  • LocationSerralves Auditorium
  • Schedule18h30 - 19h50
  • Days20 MAR 2017

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