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from 08 FEB 2018 to 20 MAY 2018
The exhibition ‘Álvaro Lapa: No tempo todo’ will be the most comprehensive retrospective to date of the influential Portuguese artist Álvaro Lapa (Évora, 1939 — Porto, 2006). A writer and self-taught artist, Lapa studied philosophy and was an influential professor at the Faculty of Fine Arts of Porto from 1976 until 2000, where he left an indelible mark on consecutive generations of artists. 

The exhibition at the Serralves Museum brings together works from important museum and institutional collections and from private collections in Portugal, including the collections of artists, architects and writers who similarly defined the artistic and intellectual landscape in Portugal in the second half of the 20th century. Featuring over 290 works in painting, drawing and some objects from throughout the artist’s career brought together for the first time, the exhibition surveys Lapa’s remarkable contribution to contemporary art.

Álvaro Lapa remains among the most enigmatic artists in 20th century Portuguese art, with a body of work as relevant and alluring as it is defiantly elusive. Lapa bridged the disparate traditions of Portuguese painting through a sustained exploration of the territory of painting as text over four decades. The artist’s oeuvre revolves largely around the genres of landscape and portraiture, and often in the spaces between them. Lapa’s visual lexicon consists of narrative series of motifs encompassing the written word, fragments of language or snippets of conversation, as well as pictorial elements and abstracted self-portraits. The artist’s ‘Campésticos’ — a neologism invented by the artist that combines the Portuguese words for ‘countryside’ and ‘domestic’ — combines domestic space with the horizontality of landscape. Lapa’s work is also marked by an intense and sustained relation with literature, reflected in his series of paintings called ‘Notebooks’, dedicated to literary figures such as Homer and Rimbaud.  

‘Álvaro Lapa: No tempo todo’ is organized by the Serralves Museum of Contemporary Art and curated by guest curator Miguel von Hafe Pérez.
Álvaro Lapa: No tempo todo / All of Time
Essays by Miguel von Hafe Pérez, Estrella de Diego, Óscar Faria, João Ribas and Sousa Dias. 
Statements by numerous fellow artists, curators, art historians, art critics, collectors, writers and people from different disciplines and generations who have been invited to write about Álvaro Lapa’s oeuvre and/or one of his works.

328 pp.
c. 350 ilustrações
ISBN: 978-972-739-358-9
PVP 39€ (POR), 49€ (ENG)

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  • Days 08 FEB 2018 - 20 MAY 2018

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