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from 15 FEB 2019 to 05 MAY 2019
‘Poetry Club’ is the first solo exhibition by Horácio Frutuoso (Póvoa de Varzim, 1991) to be held in a museum. The title is directly related to two specific aspects that distinguish his artistic practice: his careful use of language — his exhibitions have made extensive use of written sentences on gallery walls and floors, as a form of spatial representation of what has historically been called visual poetry — and his constant creation of synapses and associations. In this exhibition the most evident association is between different media: painting and writing on the walls — and writing on the paintings themselves — blend together and destabilise all hierarchies between visuality and reading. To a certain extent, the sentences occupy the place of the labels which traditionally accompany paintings, often providing elements — in particular titles — that allow viewers to make certain interpretations. On the other hand, the iconography represented in his works also refers to the idea of an assembly, a club, or even a secret society. For example, the presence of white and black horizontal stripes — which may refer to the patterns used to identify convicted criminals (or at least deviants) — printed on t-shirts that are simply folded, placed or worn by a masked individual, or by a famous person (not always for the best reasons): Kanye West. In addition to these figures, the exhibition includes portraits of some of the artist’s closest friends, potential members of a specific, anonymous club.
It should be noted that some of the paintings are premeditatedly declared to be copies of copies, for example, by reproducing certain images or the pages of the notebooks where the artist kept these images. Painting has lost its solemnity — it is a medium to which the artist attaches no greater importance than to the written texts which frequently cover it, at least in part — a fact which is reinforced by the type of language that the artist uses in his own canvases and on the walls, halfway between an eminently personal, diary-like tone (shamelessly confessional, in certain cases), while simultaneously denouncing permeability in relation to so-called popular culture (mass-market cinema and music) and making sophisticated, literary use of various figures of style (alliteration, chromesthesia, onomatopoeia and synecdoche). On other occasions, the artist simply makes use of techniques of repetition, that in music are achieved through refrains or syncopated rhythms which invite us t step onto the dance floor.
Horácio Frutuoso’s writing is portable. It is a way of capturing that which, as in dance, is fleeting, evanescent, temporary: a dream, an idea, a strange relationship between two things. It responds to a sense of urgency. It is a light, easily transportable medium. As with everything else in Frutuoso’s artistic work, it seems to be peripheral, but may assume a central role. And vice versa.  

Exhibition curated by Ricardo Nicolau, Deputy to the Director of the Serralves Museum.
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Sponsor of the exhibition
  • LocationSerralves Museum
  • Days 15 FEB 2019 - 05 MAY 2019

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