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05 MAY 2019
Company marks the re-encounter of João dos Santos Martins with the team from Continued Project (2015), giving continuity to the processes of collaboration and research begun at that time, then marked by relationships of labor and affection. Company invests aesthetically in the idea of dance as work, using, for this purpose, case studies that examine the systematization of the movement of factory workers in relationship to machines, from which emerges a concept of choreography as technology or as prosthesis. In parallel, it echoes on how certain dance aesthetics, with libertarian and democratic ambitions, are involved in the reduction of stress points in the body, implementing techniques of efficiency in the performance of a gesture and the use of energy that release effort as an alternative to the rigid "modernity”.
Company deals both with work and well-being by considering the way in which dance — as a production canon of reciprocal pleasure (of the spectator, but also of the dancer), and thus difficult to identify socially as labor — interacts with its ways of doing. And while the idea of "company” invokes an hegemonic form of structural and administrative organization in dance, it also implies a common mode of labor: company as a fact or a condition of existence and of being with the other, as a way of providing friendship or pleasure to a group of people in a society.

[Image: José Carlos Duarte]
João dos Santos Martins was born in Santarém, Portugal, in 1989. He studied dance and choreography in various institutions across Europe between 2007 and 2011, including P.A.R.T.S. and e.x.er.c.e. He works as a dancer and choreographer since 2008, often articulating his practice among diverse collaborations, expressed in pieces such as Le Sacre du Printemps (2013) with Min Kyoung Lee, Autointitulado, 2015, with Cyriaque Villemaux and Anthroposcenes, 2017, with Rita Natálio. João has also collaborated with Teatro Praga, he adapted the solo Conquest (2011) by Deborah Hay and performed in works of Eszter Salamon, Xavier Le Roy and Ana Rita Teodoro. In 2017 he curated the cycle New—Old Dance, reflecting on recent dance history in Portugal in which, along with historian Ana Bigotte Vieira, he put together a Timeline for collectively documenting dance practice in past century. His work has been presented in Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, France, Belgium, Austria, Romania, Republic of Korea, New Zealand, Mozambique, Chile, Brazil and Uruguay. His group piece Continued Project (2015) was recipient of the Portuguese Society of Authors' Prize for Choreography in 2016.
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