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21 OCT 2017
Timu / Rain, Belgium, 2009
video, colour, 5 min.
Circe’s Place, Belgium, 2011
video, colour, 78 min.

Guy Bordin (France, 1959) and Renaud De Putter (Belgium, 1967) have produced experimental films that lie on the threshold between anthropology and ethnology, conceived from the viewpoint of the individual, and first-person narratives, in which fieldwork and research are reworked from a fictional perspective. Assuming a strong experimental tone, manifested, for example, in trying to set the boundaries between observation and construction, or the boundaries between reality and projection, the filmmakers have explored themes related to identity, gender, alterity, memory and possibilities of filmically restoring the bonds that precariously connect these unstable substances.
Issues such as distance, vestiges, and erasure often lead to a biographical interest in obscure, secondary, marginal figures, that have been ignored or disregarded by history. The characters that populate their cinematic universe include a forgotten 19th-century Canadian singer, Samoan transvestites, the inhabitants of a small Inuit community in the Arctic, or singular and ordinary members of the European middle class.
As in their most recent film, L'Effacée (2017), the documentary approach that underpins the entire oeuvre of Guy Bordin and Renaud De Putter, is divided between the Rousselian idea of "decisive instants", in which the meaning of all things is momentarily revealed, and the impossibility of containing the dissolution of that which has just appeared. In other words, it’s a question of thinking about what brings the nature of the cinematographic image closer to thinking processes.
Anticipating the directors’ growing interest in Porto (where they have already filmed), and even more so their interest in Manoel de Oliveira’s Douro (where they soon expect to shoot the film that they are currently preparing), this retrospective will constitute an opportunity to take stock and discover an expanding oeuvre, that has never previously been presented in Portugal. 

Programme: António Preto
  • LocationSerralves Auditorium
  • Schedule22h00 - 23h30
  • Days21 OCT 2017
  • Price€ 3,00
  • Serralves Friend€ 1,50

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