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Há Luz no Parque 2019
from 18 JUL 2019 to 21 SEP 2019
Há Luz no Parque - Every Thursday, Friday and Saturday, from 18 JUL to 21 SEP
Schedule: 9:30 pm to 00 am (last ticket: 11pm 
Entrance: R. Dom João de Castro, 210

The 5th edition of the installation "There’s Light in the Park" represents a special moment in the programme of Serralves Park. During the summer months, the Park is open to the general public at night, and invites visitors to take part in different environmental and cultural experiences. Various iconic pathways, trees and elements are decoratively illuminated, projecting a play of light which creates new scenarios, centred around the Alameda dos Liquidâmbares, the Lake and the Farm. The programme of activities accompanying the installation, includes guided visits to the Park, which in a nocturnal experience, highlight and demonstrate the convergence between natural and artistic dimensions and, in symbiosis, recount stories and reinforce the remarkable natural heritage as visitors discover the nocturnal life of the park.

When lighting an outdoor environment, it is possible to consider lighting as simply a way to guarantee the space’s functionality - responding to basic requirements in terms of visibility and safety. However, conciliation of such functional principles with a more
expressive dimension makes it possible to explore the multiple creative, playful and pedagogical potential that artificial lighting can have for people, nature and built spaces.

One of the main characteristics of the Park's nocturnal lighting is, above all, the ability to organise it and suggest directions to visitors along the various available paths and routes.

In certain places in the Park, visitors will be invited to manipulate the light, thereby transfiguring its effects on the landscape or even on people.

Determinados pontos no Parque procuram recriar um ambiente lumínico que convida à pausa e ao relaxamento do visitante, fazendo-o sentir-se "em casa” e disfrutar de um confortável momento de conversa ou de simples introspeção.

Intervindo na Arquitetura de forma provocadora e efémera, a luz revela nesta intervenção o seu poder enquanto instrumento de transformação visual ou verdadeiro material de construção.

Certas intervenções no Parque reforçam simbolicamente a importância de dois elementos naturais no nosso planeta: a água e o fogo.

Access: 5€ 
Amigos de Serralves: free entrance

  • Schedule21h30 - 00h00
  • Days 18 JUL 2019 - 21 SEP 2019

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