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28 APR 2018
O PRANER DE URIZAR (The Pleasune of Urizating)
Von Calhau!

A performance for N cycles, consisting of four elements (Fire, Water, Earth and Weapon) forcibly extracted from the text, The Pleasure of Urinating by Álvaro Lapa and driven by a repetitive and circular structure, swirling N times around the letter Z.

Image Copyright: Von Calhau!
  • LocationSerralves Auditorium
  • Schedule16h00 - 18h00
  • Days28 APR 2018
  • Price€ 5,00
Von Calhau! - a work developed by Marta Ângela and João Alves in a practical bi-communion - was founded in Porto in 2006. The duo’s work has been presented in the recognizable forms of music, text, visual arts, performance, among others, and also in the unrecognisable forms of ambivalent rombudages. Their most recent presentations include Oximoroboro and Volta Subicida in Culturgest in 2015, Rotornariz in Galeria Pedro Alfacinha in 2016, the year in which they released Ú, via the Belgian publisher Kraak. This album has been presented in venues such as Cafe Oto, De Player or in the LAFMS Uncanny Valley Festival. In 2017 they presented the performance, Tau-Tau, within the programme of the BO.CA Biennial, that was re-presented at Sesc Pompeia in São Paulo, in the Videobrasil Festival. In January 2018 they presented the exhibition and performance, Phantom Blot Back to Attack / Mancha Negra Volta a Atacar at the Kunstraum in London. Their releases include: NN (Serralves, 2011); O Rato Retórico Ritualiza Rôto o Rutilo (Culturgest, 2015) and Ú (Kraak, 2016), among others. 

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