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from 31 MAY 2014 to 01 JUN 2014
The 11th edition of Serralves em Festa will be held on May 31 and June 1, 2014, during 40 consecutive hours. Combining local artists and leading performance artists from throughout the world, over the last ten years Serralves em Festa has become one of Porto’s biggest cultural events and is now a must-see event for tens of thousands of people.
This year, Serralves em Festa has adopted a theme that has guided the choice of its activities and celebrates the desire for collaboration that underpins this event: "Common Ground".  
Between 8 am Saturday morning and midnight on Sunday, visitors to Serralves em Festa can see and listen to music, dance, theatre, performance art and contemporary circus, visit the exhibits of the Museum of Contemporary Art, that will remain open during the forty hours of the event, and also see films, videos, photography and participate in the event’s numerous workshops, thus engendering a festive dimension, mobilizing audiences of all ages and generations.

40 hours non-stop, free entrance!

As in previous years, Serralves em Festa incorporates participation by the local and national community, and also the involvement of artists from all over the world, and will establish partnerships with other cultural, social, educational and artistic institutions from Porto and Portugal. The Festa will therefore once again, expand beyond the doors of Serralves and will present projects throughout the city of Porto.

In the Baixa zone, projects that will be presented include the Biometric projects from the Visões Úteis company; Track, by the director and visual artist Graeme Miller; and VA AA LR by the composers / performers Vasco Alves, Adam Asnan and Louie Rice. The programme thus aims to host a meditative theatrical project in Porto concerning stress in the workplace, in artistic creation and in sport (materialised via various marathon courses proposed in various areas of the city with different topographies); an itinerant and sensorial observation project of architecture and the landscape of a historic street in Porto; and a mobile sound installation and concert for signalling beacons, whose main objective is to explore the acoustic properties of this material, in contrast to its primary function of visual signposting.

The partnership between Serralves and Porto Municipal Council, via PortoLazer, in the framework of Serralves em Festa, achieves its maximum expression in this extension of the event to Porto’s Baixa zone, in conjunction with the strategy of animating the municipality’s public space. It is also important to highlight the increasingly close links that exist between the content foreseen for the city’s artists, and the surrounding territory and local people in general. These aspects will be further reinforced in this year’s programme, where once again Serralves em Festa will occupy a prominent place in the agenda of Porto’s anchor event - the Feast of São João - which runs from May 25 to June 29.

The key Contemporary Dance events include the premiere in Porto of "Pindorama”, by the Brazilian choreographer Lia Rodrigues, a meditative dance work and a critique on the human condition and resilience. Another highlight is "Sediela”, the new choreographic and musical work by Marina Nabais and Simão Costa, consisting of a game of sound materialisation in relation to the movement and manipulation of sounds, designed on a two-dimensional surface installed in Serralves Park.

Other highlights include the performance projects associated to Serralves em Festa: the Desnorte choreographers platform will present the work, "Several”, by Vera Mota; the Sintoma group, of the Faculty of Fine Arts, will organise a series of performances produced by this collective of artists and by the Manifesto AND group; and the And_Lab collective (Lisbon) will provide a participatory performance, which proposes a reflection on various social and protest movements.

The work, "Smashed”, by the Gandini Juggling company, will be one of the highlights of the Contemporary Circus programme and an opportunity to watch an unforgettable proposal for reinventing the art of Juggling. Other key moments include the premieres of the "Bainha” physical theatre and trapeze performance by the Porto-based company, Erva Daninha and "Secret Project”, by another Porto-based company, Radar.
Other highlights include the presence of the Vagalume theatre group with the mask-based theatre performance, "Senile Agitation”, a key work from this Andalusian street theatre company.

In addition to the activities taking place in the Park and the exhibitions in the Museum, the Festa no Prado (Festival in the Meadow) promises to enliven participants with the punk spirit electro-rock sounds of Duchess Says and the industrial, post-rave machine rhythms of Factory Floor. The Portuguese group, Octa Push, will open the Festa no Prado with the original energy of their sounds - that combine electronic dance currents with the heat of Afrobeat, in a night that will continue until dawn, with guest DJs.
The challenges posed to spectators are complemented by challenges presented to artists, especially to new generations. In line with this spirit, Serralves has asked the young musician and composer Tiago Sousa to create a new work for even younger students from various professional music schools of the Beira Interior region, who belong to the Guitarrafonia guitar orchestra.
As a field for experimentation par excellence, Serralves also offers the possibility to become immersed in a small forest of objects and sounds inspired, by David Tudor’s seminal work, "Rainforest”. Matt Rogalsky and five Portuguese artists will occupy the ground floor of Serralves Villa with this installation that will remain on display after the 2-day event.
The big band, Arkestra, originally developed by the genius of Sun Ra is now also a historic band. Now directed by Marshall Allen, the band continues to keep alive the particular space opened by Sun Ra’s music within the world of jazz.
Among the various concluding events of another edition of Serralves em Festa, sound and image will blend in a very special way in Gravity Hill, a project that unites the themes and improvisations by three musicians who in recent years have energised the freer boundaries of Rock: Guy Picciotto, Jim White and George Xylouris, with images that American filmmaker Jem Cohen will select in real time from his important filmography that he has taken to some of the world's most important art institutions.

One of the key workshops is that provided by the Oficina Arara (Porto). This studio, which is dedicated to the practice of screen printing, and is run by artists and designers, will organize a masks workshop in Serralves Park and will outline a labyrinthine space that will take shape via public participation.

  • Days 31 MAY 2014 - 01 JUN 2014
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