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from 17 SEP 2016 to 18 SEP 2016
Cally Spooner, Gustavo Ciríaco, Jassem Hindi, Keith Hennessy & Eoghan Ryan, Mel O’Callaghan, Pedro Lopes, Quarto (Anna Mesquita e Leandro Zappala), Ramiro Guerreiro,  Sally Golding, Spatial

‘The Museum as Performance’ highlights the growing importance of performance in contemporary art. For its second edition on 17 and 18 September, the Serralves Museum of Contemporary Art presents a programme of new and recent performance works by artists from Australia, Brazil, Canada, Portugal, Saudi Arabia and the United Kingdom across the spaces of the Museum and Park.

Encompassing dance, music, theatre and the visual arts, ‘The Museum as Performance’ is a dynamic platform for a current generation of artists whose work comprises dance, music, cinema, architecture and the visual arts in new performative models.

The first edition of ‘The Museum as Performance’ was included by the Portuguese Público newspaper amongst the Top Exhibitions of 2015. Critic Nuno Crespo wrote, in December 2015: ’Programming a series of performances in a museum does not solely correspond to presenting a series of different things inside the museum: it is a reflexive gesture that forces us to think about the nature of the museum gallery’.

French journalist, Marc Lenot, of the blog Lunettes Rouges, an affiliate of French newspaper Le Monde, wrote in October 2015: ‘The concentration of activities over the two-day programme enabled us to watch a wide variety of different approaches and of course, as is the case on similar occasions, it led us to question the definition of performance’. 

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Image: Quarto (Leandro Zappala & Anna Mesquita). Durational Rope [Corda Duracional], 2014Photo: courtesy of the artists.
Related Activities
SALLY GOLDING & SPATIAL: 17 SEP (15h00-15h30), Museum galleries

In this new collaboration, Sally Golding (Australia/UK) and Spatial (Matt Spendlove, UK) draw upon their respective practices using sonified lighting and emergent software in a sensory and hypnotic optosonic live set. A synthesis of both their longstanding enquiries into phenomenological optics and acoustics, Golding and Spatial explore liveness in banging audiovisual intent.
RAMIRO GUERREIRO: 17 SEP (16h00, 18h30) AND 18 SEP (15h00, 17h00), Library

17 SEP, 16h00-16h20
18 SEP, 15h00-15h20

17 SEP, 18h30-19h15
18 SEP, 17h00-17h45

The work of Ramiro Guerreiro (Lisbon, Portugal, 1978) analyses the relationship between architecture and social norms. In ‘The Museum as Performance’ the artist will present two works: a conference-performance, J. W. Thorning in Chamarande, and an action, Portfolio ― La Pubblicita, which consists of leafing through a large format book with paintings on fabric, that has been specifically produced for this programme. 
QUARTO (LEANDRO ZAPPALA & ANNA MESQUITA): 17 SEP (18H00-21H00), Museum Galleries

Quarto is the name of the duo formed by artists Anna Mesquita (Petrópolis, Brazil, 1984) and Leandro Zappala (Petrópolis, Brazil, 1975). Durational Rope involves an extreme physical relationship between a body and a piece of rope. 
CALLY SPOONER: 17 SEP (17h30, 19h30) AND 18 SEP (16h30, 19h30), Museum Hall

17 SEP: 17h30-17h45, 19h30-19h45
18 SEP: 16h30-16h45, 19h30-19h45

Soprano: Veronika Benning

Cally Spooner (Ascot, UK, 1983) presents Damning Evidence Illicit Behaviour Seemingly Insurmountable Great Sadness Terminated in Any Manner, in which a lyrical singer performs highly critical contemporary mass media phrases that are programmed into a LED screen commonly used for subtitling operas. 
PEDRO LOPES: 17 SEP (16H30-17H00), Auditorium foyer


Gramophone Topologies by Pedro Lopes (Cascais, Portugal, 1986) represents a break with his previous musical approach, creating gestures and sounds for another forgotten instrument: the gramophone, the precursor of all recording media, and of all electrical and electronic instruments.
SALLY GOLDING: 17 SEP (20H00-20H15), Park


Sally Golding uses film projection, lighting and sonic composition to create expanded cinema performances and participatory installations. In Face of an Other, Golding uses a bizarre process of accumulation of sounds and images to explore notions of the grotesque and sinister. These sounds and images manifest themselves as phantasmagoric and fragmentary projections on the artist's own body.
GUSTAVO CIRÍACO: 18 SEP (15h30-16h40, 18h30-19h40), Museum Galleries


Gentleness of a Giant by Gustavo Ciríaco (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 1969) transports viewers to a miniature world in which two performers create a succession of miniature landscapes. 
MEL O’CALLAGHAN: 18 SEP (18h00-18H15), Park


Ensemble by Mel O’Callaghan (Sydney, Australia, 1975) creates an impressive picture: a man fights against the water expelled by a fire hose, and is pushed to his physical limits. 
JASSEM HINDI, KEITH HENNESSY & EOGHAN RYAN: 18 SEP (20h00-20h50), Auditorium


In future friend/ships, Jassem Hindi (Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, 1981), Keith Hennessy (Sudbury, Canada, 1959) & Eoghan Ryan; (Dublin, Ireland, 1987) use fragments of raging poetry (Nazik Al-Malaika and Donna Haraway, among others), kitsch props, allusions to science-fiction, and body movements that recreate the energy of punk. 
Curated by: Cristina Grande, Ricardo Nicolau, Pedro Rocha
Production: Ana Conde, Cristina Grande, Pedro Rocha, Ricardo Nicolau
Technical coordination and Sound: Nuno Aragão
Lighting: Rui Barbosa
Video and Cinema: Carla Pinto
Exclusive Sponsor of The Museum
  • LocationMuseum and Serralves Park
  • Days 17 SEP 2016 - 18 SEP 2016

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