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from 08 SEP 2018 to 09 SEP 2018

Organised by the Serralves Museum of Contemporary Art, ‘The Museum as Performance’ recognizes the growing significance of performance in contemporary art and further contributes to the history of Serralves as a pioneering cross-disciplinary museum. Encompassing dance, spoken narratives, visual and musical performances, ‘The Museum as Performance’ encourages new directions in the relationship between various practices and the visual arts. 

For its fourth edition Serralves presents twelve new performance works by Portuguese and international artists, most of them national premieres, across the spaces of the Serralves Museum and Villa. The programme includes brand-new commissioned works and works adapted to the spaces of Serralves, in recognition of the potential of the Foundation’s unique context. Through voices, bodies, gestures and narratives, the 2-day programme will propose various ways of undoing disciplinary conventions and normativity. 

Saturday, September 8th
14h00 - Welcome by the Museum Director
14h30 – 17h00 – "curva contínua” VERA MOTA - Museum Galleries
15h30 – 15h55 – "Im happy to own my implicit biases" NORA TURATO - Library
16h15 – 16h50 – "Berrante” XAVIER PAES - Museum Hall
17h00 – 18h00 – "Self Made Man” NINA SANTES - Auditorium 
17h30 – 20h30 – "Us Swerve” ALEX BACZYNSKI-JENKINS - Museum Hall (durational performance)
19h00 – 19h25 – "Im happy to own my implicit biases" NORA TURATO – Auditorium's Foyer 
19h30 – 21h00 – "100 keyboards” ASUNA - Library
20h00 – 20h30 – "Mazezam” CATARINA MIRANDA - Museum Galleries
20h30 – 21h00 –  "Owed to Suspension” HANNAH CATHERINE JONES a.k.a. FOXY MORON - Auditorium

Sunday, September 9th
15h00 – 15h30 – "Mazezam” CATARINA MIRANDA - Museum Galleries
15h30 – 15h55 – "Im happy to own my implicit biases" - NORA TURATO - Sacristy of the Chapel
16h30 – 17h00 – "Owed to White Noise” HANNAH CATHERINE JONES a.k.a. FOXY MORON – Auditorium
17h30 – 18h00 - "Metal Locker Acoustics" XAVIER PAES - Chapel
18h00 – 22h00 – "Dance is Ancient” FRÉDÉRIC GIES - Serralves Villa (durational performance) 
18h30 – 18h45 - "auditorium” RUI PENHA/JOÃO DIAS - Museum Galleries
18h30 – 20h00 - "100 keyboards” ASUNA - Library
20h15 – 20h30 - "auditorium” RUI PENHA/JOÃO DIAS  - Museum Galleries
20h30 – 20h55 - "Im happy to own my implicit biases" NORA TURATO - Sacristy of the Chapel
22h30 – 23h30 – "Shaneera” FATIMA AL QADIRI - Auditorium

Access subject to purchasing a ticket to the Museum(10€)
25% discount on the purchase of two-days ticket (15€). Cumulative with usual discounts (50% for students and 65+).
Serralves Friends: Free entrance
Subject to the room's capacity.
Asuna is a young Japanese artist that makes use of various keybords, electronics, old organs and sound toys for children to make his own brand of drone music / electronica. His music blends influences from lo-fi pop, freak folk, noise, punk, minimal and Tokyo’s improvisation scene.

Alex Baczynski-Jenkins is a London and Warsaw-based artist and choreographer. His practice is concerned with the mediation and politics of affect, desire and embodiment. Often taking social, everyday performances, he amplifies and mutates them to produce affective spaces of re-imagining and undoing normativity.
Frédéric Gies is a French Stockholm-based dancer and choreographer. Gies’ work focuses on the articulation between dance, choreography and politics, and is informed by his participation in techno clubs and rave cultures. The dance he creates collapse in various ways the hierarchies and distinctions between different dance forms.

Catarina Miranda is a Portuguese artist working with languages that intercept image, movement, voice, scenography and light, approaching the body as a vessel for the transformation and mediation of hypnagogic states, as well as for the gestures and procedures of an acute conscience of the here and now.

Hannah Catherine Jones is a London-based artist, researcher and composer. Under the pseudonym Foxy Moron, she creates works that juxtapose ancient musical modalities with sci-fi timbres. These ‘sounds in opposition’ are a vehicle to think through the painful legacies of slavery, but also the conceptual possibilities of Afrofuturisme.
Vera Mota is a Portuguese artist whose practice, encompassing performance, sculpture, drawing and installation, highlights the physical qualities of carefully selected materials. Visually related to minimalist, her work points to the conflict between a quest for order and a simultaneous fascination with the possibilities of chance.
Xavier Paes is a Portuguese artist working in the fields of visual arts, performance and experimental music. His practice explores and potentiates, namely through friction and percussion, the production of sound by everyday objects – wood stakes, metal lockers –, in a ritualistic approach to primitivism that transport the viewer/listener to distant times, archaic dimensions.
Rui Penha is a Portuguese Composer, media artist and performer of electroacoustic music. His recent production includes interfaces for musical expression, sound spatialization software, interactive installations, musical robots, and autonomous improvisers. One of his latest compositions will be performed by João Dias, a young percussionist who has recently graduated in percussion performance.
Fatima Al Qadiri is a Senegal-born, Kuwait-raised and Berlin-based artist. A musician, composer, DJ and visual artist, her work, encompassing electronic music, video, installation and DJ-sets explores themes related to war, sociocultural identities, concepts of beauty and taste, and Western perceptions of non-European cultures.
Nora Turato is a Zagreb-born, Amsterdam-based artist. In her spoken word performances Turato uses slices of daily conversations, literature, social media posts, politics and (personal) frustration, that merge into an impulsive, passionate and melodic soundscape: a stand-up poetic slam, that flirts with hip-hop and punk, moves between citing and singing, and verbalizes rhythmic beats.
  • LocationMuseu de Serralves
  • Days 08 SEP 2018 - 09 SEP 2018
  • Price€ 10,00

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