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from 18 DEC 2019 to 22 MAR 2020
Marking the 30th anniversary of the Foundation and the 20th anniversary of the Serralves Museum, the exhibition You Are Here presents the Performing Arts Service programme between 1999 and today. It began and was developed through compromises between seemingly irreconcilable aims: to present concrete data — names, dates, images — showing where, how and when certain artists had featured; to underline the pioneering character of the importance given to the performing arts at Serralves; to convey what seems to immediately distinguish the performing arts: the implication of the spectator, the spirit eminently collaborative, the "here and now” as opposed to the "this was”. Once the images and words that best illustrate the last twenty years of the programming were selected, a graphic designer was asked to design a book that would never be published: its pages would be exclusively displayed on the Serralves Library walls. At the same time, it was decided to occupy a considerable amount of the library mezzanine with an object that immediately conjured up the idea of the theatre: a small stage waiting to be occupied. The visitor can and should sit down to read (programming texts, essential books for the understanding of the performing arts today) and, most importantly, to hear what the curators consider a fundamental part of the exhibition: testimonies written by those especially attentive to Serralves’ performing arts programming. These testimonies reconcile the irreconcilable: the memories of certain shows, concerts and performances — necessarily subjective, incomplete and fragmentary — constitute the necessary counterpoint to data, dates, chronologies and documentation. Thanks largely to these testimonies, this exhibition is not just about "what was”; it’s also now, and is here too.

Curatorship: Cristina Grande, Ricardo Nicolau, Pedro Rocha
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  • Days 18 DEC 2019 - 22 MAR 2020

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