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04 JUL 2021

Horário: 18:30

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Created in 2018 within Arte no Tempo, the ars ad hoc ensemble aims to be a space for the interpretation and dissemination of great chamber music, with high quality standards.

For the concert that opens a collaboration with the Serralves Foundation, ars ad hoc proposes a preview of the future, presenting a program of works created in the 21st century, three of which written in the last year for the group itself. This is the case of ‘Studies for figures and forms’, by João Carlos Pinto, previewed here (work completed following the selection of the composer's proposal within the scope of a project shared by ars ad hoc and Ensemble neoN, financed by the EEA Grants and the DGArtes), but also by ‘Adagio & Beethovenfest’, by Kristine Tjøgersen, and ‘Kreise’, by Ricardo Ribeiro, both premiered at Aveiro_Síntese biennial and composed for the ars ad hoc, commissioned by the Centro Cultural de Belém Foundation, for the Music Days in Belém.

Both residents of Berlin, the Danish Simon Steen-Andersen will be the featured composer in the 2021/22 season of ars ad hoc and the British Joanna Bailie will be the guest of the Aveiro_Síntese 2022 biennial.





Simon Steen-Andersen (1976) | ‘Besides’ [2003] 12’

For amplified piano, piccolo, violin and string trio con sordino


João Carlos Pinto (1998) | ‘Studies for figures and forms’ [2021] ca 7’ (preview)

For flute, clarinet, piano and string quartet


Kristine Tjøgersen (1982) | ‘Adagio & Beethovenfest’ [2020] ca 9'

For flute, clarinet, violin, cello and video


Ricardo Ribeiro (1971) | ‘Kreise’ – part III [2020/21] ca 12’

For amplified string quartet


Joanna Bailie (1973) | ‘Symphony-street-souvenir’ [2010] ca 14’

for flute, clarinets, piano, violin, viola, cello, double bass and electronics



ars ad hoc


Ricardo Carvalho > flute

Horácio Ferreira > clarinet

João Casimiro Almeida > piano

Álvaro Pereira e Diogo Coelho > violin

Francisco Lourenço > viola

Gonçalo Lélis > cello

Rui Pedro Rodrigues > double bass

Diana Ferreira > programme



In its first season, ars ad hoc confronted the music of great classics against the work of one of the most interesting music creators of our time, the Swiss-Austrian composer Beat Furrer (Schaffhausen, 1954), who, in March 2019, with the ensemble, prepared the national debut performance of his quintet ‘intono al bianco’ [2016]. The high-quality level quickly reached allowed the young group to be invited to the 2019 Azores Music Festival, where they performed five concerts with the vocal ensemble Cantando Admont.

In the troubled season of 2019/20, ars ad hoc paid particular attention to the music of Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827) and Luís Antunes Pena (1973), also reserving space to revisit the music of Beat Furrer and the interpretation of works by other composers, being present at the Bienal Aveiro_Síntese with the premiere of works commissioned by Centro Cultural de Belém Foundation to Portuguese and foreign composers.

ars ad hoc includes young musicians who, after becoming notorious in Portugal, complemented their studies abroad.

Coproduction: Arte No Tempo e Fundação de Serralves

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