creation by Ana Borralho & João Galante

Auditório de Serralves
18 and 19 March

4:00pm-4:40pm; 4:45pm -5:25pm; 6:00pm-6:40pm: 6:45pm-7:25pm

Access: TICKET: 7,5€

* Regular discounts (50% for Amigos of Serralves, students and over 65 years old).

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PERFORMANCE Tempo para reflectir

In Time to Reflect, Ana Borralho & João Galante question the idea of the public as a reflection entity, following their developed logic of working with specific groups within society. In this performance- guided through a group of actors - the public is seen as an engine of thought and image. A journey that will intersect with the poetry of José Miguel Silva, which reflects in a crude, but poetic and sarcastic way, the signs of the time that we are living.

A mechanism of reflection and meditation on living death, on dying and coming back to life. To look at us from the outside. Like an out-of-body experience. The autobiographical even more beautiful and sad. Who am I on the other side of the mirror; and who is my negative, and who is my double?'

Concept, artistic direction, costumes and space Ana Borralho & João Galante

Actors: Daniel Matos, Daniela Santos, Cátia (Alface) Leitão, Inês Azevedo, Inês Marques, João Galante, João Grosso, Maria Roque.

Scenic design and construction Pedro Campos Costa

lLght Eduardo Abdala

Sound design Pedro Augusto

Rehearsal assistance Cátia (Alface) Leitão and Daniel Matos

Sound Demetrio Castellucci and João Galante aka Coolgate

Piano ("Rêverie", Debussy): Ásia Rosa

Light Eduardo Abdala

Text José Miguel Silva

Artistic collaboration Fernando J. Ribeiro

Dramaturgy collaboration Rui Catalão

Technical Direction and Light Operation: Manuel Abrantes

Executive management and administration Mónica Samões

Production direction and touring Andrea Sozzi

Executive production Joana Duarte

Production: casaBranca

Co-production: TNDM II

Support: Impersol – Películas para Vidros e Revestimentos Adesivos

Acknowledgement Catarina Gonçalves, Mark Deputter, Nuno Moura/Douda Correria, Filipa Borges, Tatiana Antunes, Tiago Gandra and Rui Soares Costa

CasaBranca is a structure financed by the Portuguese Republic - Culture / DGArtes

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