Casa do Cinema Manoel de Oliveira
1906 Manoel de Oliveira Exposição Permanente

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The PERMANENT EXHIBITION - MANOEL DE OLIVEIRA occupies first floor of the Casa de Serralves’ old garage, which was adapted and expanded by a project from the architect Álvaro Siza that sought to preserve the character and configuration of the existing building.

This exhibition presents a careful selection of awards, highlighting how Manoel de Oliveira's films were received by the leading international film festivals. In this same room, there are also four paintings which belonged to Manoel de Oliveira’s daily routine and that one may find in some of his most personal films. This part of the exhibition also includes a selection of documentation from the Manoel de Oliveira collection, entirely deposited in Serralves.

This exhibition offers two different approaches to the cinema of Manoel de Oliveira: an interactive videowall that allows the visitor to explore in detail the vast work of the Portuguese director; and a second section, consisting of five simultaneous and synchronised projections that surround the spectator, composed by several excerpts from Manoel de Oliveira’s films.

Given it is a permanent exhibition it also aims to be a dynamic one. In addition to functioning as a repository of the activities developed by the Casa do Cinema in relation to Manoel de Oliveira’s oeuvre, it will be permanently renovated and reconfigured, thereby offering multiple perspectives of the director’s cinema.



1906 Manoel de Oliveira Exposição Permanente
1906 Manoel de Oliveira Exposição Permanente

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