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BioBlitz Serralves Schools

16, 17, 18, 19 and 19 APR 2018
With CIBIO-InBIO – Centro de Investigação em Biodiversidade e Recursos Genéticos.

BioBlitz Serralves is an event that aims to discover and identify the greatest number of species in a specific area over a short period of time, functioning as a biological inventory.
BioBlitz differs from other scientific inventories to the extent that in addition to scientists, it may also involve volunteers, families, students, teachers and other members of the community.
Bioblitz Serralves invites Schools and Kindergartens to increase their understanding of the fauna and flora of Serralves Park, by taking part in:
- Field trips: coordinated by specialized researchers from CIBIO-InBIO – a unique opportunity to gain first hand experience of the work conducted by scientists in the context of inventorying biodiversity;
- Educational workshops: that provide the context and explore the issues in a recreational and educational manner;
- Autonomous monitoring sessions: with use of the inventory kits made available: BIRDS, BUTTERFLIES, BRYOPHYTES, LICHENS and TREES AND SHRUBS - and entering data into the "Biodiversity and Environment" online platform;
- Bioquiz: a fun game with questions on biodiversity. To test prior or acquired knowledge!

Access: Free participation, subject to prior registration (subject to the maximum no. of participants).

Check the location of the Inventory Stations in the Park, the scheduled times of the Inventory Sessions, with researchers, family workshops and other activities.

Help the researchers find plants and animals in the park during the inventory sessions.

Monitor BIRDS and BUTTERFLIES autonomously.

Help register the collected data in the online platform "Biodiversidade e Ambiente”.
The "Biodiversity and Environment" Platform is a resource centre on biodiversity in urban environments that aims to disseminate scientific knowledge in this area to various audiences. Participants will learn about Serralves Park in terms of its flora, fauna and environmental quality. Online information booklets and activity suggestions aree also available. The general public is invited to monitor events in the Park through field recording sheets and observation protocols that will be made available, thereby contributing to the production of scientific data on urban biodiversity.

Make the most of these two days. Thanks for your help!

What does BioBlitz mean?
"Bio” means life and "Blitz” means doing something quickly and intensively.
The objective is to find and identify the maximum number of species, in a specific area, a specific area, over a short period of time, functioning as a biological inventory.
How does it work?
The species are classified into different biological groups, such as plants, lichens, mushrooms, reptiles, amphibians, invertebrates, birds, micromammals. The end result of a BioBlitz is to count the number of species found in each of these groups.

How does it differ from other scientific inventories?
A scientific inventory is usually restricted to biologists and other researchers. A BioBlitz in addition to volunteer scientists, also involves families, students, teachers and other members of the local community.

Why organise a BioBlitz in Serralves?
Serralves Park is a fundamental part of the ecological structure of Porto, contributing to the potential diversity of habitats that occur in urban areas. BioBlitz helps increase existing knowledge and share it with the general public.

Bioblitz 2018

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