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Music | Dance | Performance
CYCLE "ÁLVARO LAPA: ALL OF TIME”: PERFORMING ARTS . CINEMA . TALKSPREMIEREO PRANER DE URIZAR (The Pleasune of Urizating)Von Calhau!100’A performance for N cycles, consisting of four elements (Fire, Water, Earth and Weapon) fo...
"Delirious anatomy” is a collection of feverish studies dedicated to a body part.It is a work based on the study of anatomy—on its history and on the perspective of Chinese medicine, physiology and palaeontology—, on iconogr...
NOS AMOURSJulie NiocheWhat traces do our loves leave in our bodies? "Love for the horizon, committed love, voracious love, elastic love, clumsy love, love for lost time, love for the invisible... our loves are inscribed somewhere...
CYCLE "ÁLVARO LAPA: ALL OF TIME”: PERFORMING ARTS . CINEMA . TALKSPREMIEREo-chá-múIsabel CarvalhoIsabel Carvalho will read a sequence of short narratives in variable order, in two moments, which she calls O-CHÁ-MU (THE MU TE...
THE MUSEUM AS PERFORMANCE 2018 DE 2018-09-08 a 2018-09-09
"The Museum as Performance" is consolidating its position as a national and international platform for the presentation of new works that combine elements of the performing arts and visual arts.The programme recognises the growing...

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