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Music | Dance | Performance
IGNATZ DE 2017-08-25 a 2017-08-26
Ignatz is the name of a cartoon character drawn by the illustrator George Herriman. He is a mouse and arch-enemy of the cat Krazy Kat. His main hobby is to throw bricks at the cat's head, who mistakenly interprets these actio...
Its story is built from ephemeral paths. Its heritage is tangible and intangible. They leave their marks: stories, objects, sounds, memories and emotions. Along the way, they find and accumulate things. The characters transform an...
THE MUSEUM AS PERFORMANCE 2017 DE 2017-09-09 a 2017-09-10
Organized by the Serralves Museum of Contemporary Art, ‘The Museum as Performance’ is a platform for new practices in performance and the performed within the field of the contemporary visual arts. Its third edition features ...
‘The Wired Salutation’ takes the audience on a trip inside the image as Angela Bulloch multiplies and divides a rock band with video avatars and a composition for theatre lighting.  David Grubbs's musical composition ...
MARK FELL: INTERMETAMORPHOSIS DE 2017-11-23 a 2017-11-26
Mark Fell is one of the most outstanding protagonists within the wide territory of algorithmic based music, both solo (in his own name or as Sensate Focus) as well as with the legendary SND and many other collaborations such as wi...

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