Richard Serra

Richard Serra
Walking is Measuring, 2000
Corten steel (2 elements)
532 x 244 x 15 cm; 386 x 244 x 15 cm
Coll. Fundação de Serralves — Museu de Arte Contemporânea, Porto

Richard Serra (San Francisco, USA, 1939) is a point of reference for post-war American art connected to minimalism and post-minimalism with an internationally renowned oeuvre, namely his large-scale sculptures many of which are sited in architectural, urban, and landscape settings.

Walking is Measuring was specifically conceived for a site selected by the artist in the Serralves Park. Characteristic of Serra’s work is its precise location and the resulting relationships of the sculptural object to the surrounding area: ‘The selection of the site was prompted by the intimacy and sensibility of the old alley-way formed by the stones and trees where the man-made and the natural reciprocally support, complement and enrich each other. With the erection of the new Museum the function of the alley was lost, the site marginalized. The purpose of this sculpture is to restore its function and to return the public to the privacy and intimacy of the historic alley’. (From the project’s descriptive memory, Richard Serra, 1999)
The work consists of two huge rectangular steel panels placed between a line of trees and the original wall that surrounds the grounds of the Park dividing it from the street. As visitors walk along the path, confronting the sculptural elements and their dimensions, they embody the idea expressed in the title of the piece (walking is measuring), while returning a human scale and usage to the space.

Walking is Measuring was installed in the Serralves Park in 2000, following the Tabaqueira Prize of Public Art awarded to the artist in the same year.

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