Angela Bulloch

Latitude: 41.159325
Longitude: -8.6590793

Angela Bulloch
Heavy Metal Stack of Six, 2014
Powder coated steel
Coll. Fundação de Serralves ― Museu de Arte Contemporânea, Porto. Acquisition 2017

Angela Bulloch is part of a generation of British Artists that emerged in the late 1980s. Bulloch’s work addresses systems that structure social behaviour and play with the ways in which we construct and interpret information. Her multi-disciplinary installations merge conceptual rigour with sensuousness and humour. Heavy Metal Stack of Six is one of a group of recent sculptures in which the artist uses digitally modelled geometric forms to create totem-like columns, which, while emanating an aura of perfection in the crisp fusion of their powder coated stacked rhombi, generate a set of constant perceptual variations depending on our physical perspective. The site for the sculpture in the Serralves Park was selected by the artist and considered in relation to a series of sight lines that link the vertical and horizontal perspectives of the pergola and the geometric design of the flowerbeds in the Rose Garden.

since 27 OCT 2017

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