Haegue Yang

Haegue Yang
An Opaque Wind Park in Six Folds
Sonae//Serralves Commission 2016
Clay bricks, mortar, aluminium turbine, vents, steel, soil, stone, cork, various plants

'An Opaque Wind Park in Six Folds' is composed of five partially arched towers and square-shaped slabs in clay fired brick, laid out in a six-fold configuration originating in Islamic geometry. Embedded into the towers are diverse forms of vegetation that grow, creep, flower and wither over the changing seasons. Aluminium turbine vents expand the artist’s longstanding interest in sensorial experience. These kinetic elements function as a metaphor for migration and transitory encounters.

Yang’s park within a park is one where wildlife inhabits the sculptured geometry, while the invisible stream of wind animates in synchronized movement and gives flight to the whole. Yet, 'An Opaque Wind Park in Six Folds' remains mute, indifferent to the communication surfeit and overload of our age.

since 22 JUN 2016

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