Serralves will face key new challenges in 2017 and consolidate a path guided to date by the capacity to attract the finest persons and resources, while maintaining a keen spirit of independence, a high quality national project of international scope and an ongoing public service mission. Serralves will continue to be a unique institution in Portugal, by virtue of its dynamic promotion of contemporary arts and culture.The Serralves Museum of Contemporary Art is dedicated to being Portugal’s leading multidisciplinary contemporary art institution. In 2017 the museum will host solo exhibitions of works by major artists and also by young and emerging artists. For the first time in its history, the Museum will present a series of permanent presentations of the Collection. The decentralization of contemporary art and culture will continue to be a key feature of Serralves program with exhibitions of works from the Collection and other activities staged in 29 cities from the North to South of Portugal, including Lisbon. Serralves’ international dimension will be further reinforced in 2017 with exhibitions presented in major international institutions (the Helena Almeida exhibition in Spain and the Monir Farmanfarmaian exhibition in the United States) and also with Serralves Park and Museum as the sole European venue for exhibiting works from the prestigious Bienal de São Paulo.

Know Serralves' exhibitions of this year and the program highlights:

Philippe Parreno:
A Time Coloured Space

3 FEB - 7 MAY

Contemporary Projects:
Ana Manso

24 FEB - 7 MAY

Álvaro Siza Vieira:

Visions of Alhambra

8 MAR - 28 MAY

Gordon Matta-Clarck
5 MAY - 3 SEP

Serralves Colection:

12 MAY - 28 JAN 2018

Julie Mehretu:

19 MAY - 3 SEP

15 JUN - 10 SEP

Nick Mauss
22 JUN - 24 SEP

Bienal São Paulo
Parque: 30 JUN - 24 SEP
Museu: 15 SEP - 14 JAN

Contemporary Projects:
Daniel S. Mangrané
15 SEP - 12 NOV

Jorge Pinheiro
22 SEP - 7 JAN 2018

First Sight: Colection of Artists' Publications and Books 
OCT - JAN 2018

In the field of performing arts, and by virtue of its transdisciplinary approach, Serralves will continue to be distinguished as one of the main contemporary institutions working in the area of the performing arts. On 11 February the performance work, Doug, by the Canadian Janice Kerbel will be presented, which in 2015 earned her a nomination for the prestigious Turner Prize.

In October, Serralves will host a work by one of Europe’s most important choreographers, Alexandra Bachzetsis, who will present a double programme in Serralves Auditorium. In December, audiences will have the opportunity to watch Early Works by Yvonne Rainer - one of the world’s most renowned and recognized choreographers. This Portuguese premiere will be one of the highlights of Serralves' performing arts programme, since Yvonne Rainer is one of the pioneering figures from the dance world, whose artistic and conceptual legacy continues to inspire contemporary choreographers and dancers.

In the second half of 2017, Serralves will organise another edition of The Museum as Performance, a programming initiative that underlines the growing importance of performance in the world of contemporary art and aims to serve as a platform to support the creation and circulation of the latest trends in the performing arts. It exclusively presents recent works, some of which are Portuguese premieres, together with brand new works. In April and May, Serralves will also mark the presence of the Days of Dance Festival, organized in collaboration with Porto City Council.

In the field of music, in November, Serralves will play host to one of the most exceptional protagonists of algorithm-based music, Mark Fell, who will present a performance-based installation that will be on display to audiences for four days in one of the rooms of Serralves Museum. In July, as usual, Serralves will once again present Jazz in the Park, now in its 26th edition. This year the proposals focus on new musical formations resulting from collaboration between Portuguese and foreign musicians who will be challenged to perform for the first time in the Tennis Court in Serralves Park, resulting in three world premieres.
In 2017 the Serralves Foundation presents a film programme, curated by António Preto, consisting of three film series dedicated to leading filmmakers working in the field of contemporary cinema, in a programme articulated with the exhibitions on display in the museum. 
The three film retrospectives aim to produce distinct, yet complementary approaches to different views of contemporary cinema.

The programme starts in June, focusing on the work of emerging directors, Guy Bordin and Renaud de Putter, who have developed a filmic oeuvre that explores their multiple interests - ranging from anthropology to ethnology, including musical composition and literature.

In July, the programme highlights the work of José Álvaro Morais - thus emphasizing Serralves' commitment to Portuguese cinema and the desire to diversify its screening venues, through open-air screenings in Serralves Park.

The third series, between October and December, will be dedicated to Jonas Mekas, the godfather of American avant-garde cinema, who advocates a direct, raw, diary-based cinema, closely linked to his daily life.

At the heart of the activities of the Serralves Foundation’s Educational Service is the commitment to stimulate and encourage discovery, and foster creativity and autonomy. The programme is structured around the following types of action:

- Activities for adults: INVOLVE
- Activities for families: SHARE
- Activities with the school community: REFLECT
- Social and intellectual inclusion: INCLUDE

In its Arts activities, the Educational Service develops projects aimed at raising awareness about art, encouraging contact with contemporary art, and promoting reflection and critical thinking. Highlights of the 2017 programme include programmes of introduction to contemporary art, aimed at adult audiences, that introduce key themes related to contemporary artistic practice. Activities for schools include guided tours, workshops and workshop-visits. Families will have the opportunity to participate in various activities in our programme, especially workshops and commemorative moments.

Serralves Park, with its 18 hectares of unique spaces, is perhaps the greatest demonstration of Serralves' permanent commitment to valorisation of its built and natural heritage. The Park is a unique reference in the universe of international historical gardens, and a privileged place for learning, study and research. It’s also a leisure area used by thousands of visitors.

In May, Serralves Park will again organise the Bioblitz, in partnership with CIBIO-InBio. Now in its 4th edition, Bioblitz is a lightning-speed inventory of species, conducted with participation of the general public, and with free admission. Unlike a scientific inventory, which is restricted to biologists and scientists, Bioblitz is open to anyone who wants to take part and identify plants and animals in Serralves Park. As in 2016, Bioblitz will once again be open to the general public over 2 days, followed by five days exclusively for schools.

There’s Light in the Park, now in its third edition, will be held in the summer. It will once again be possible to visit Serralves Park at night and discover or revisit paths, trees and iconic constructions that will be decoratively illuminated. In 2017, during the event, there will be an increased number of concerts, guided tours, photography workshops, and other activities.

In order to valorise Serralves Park’s natural heritage – including its natural values ​​and its landscape and environmental heritage value - the Education Service holds activities intended for the general public that are associated with Nature conservation and protection, biodiversity and science, including specific visits for each season of the year, and initiatives such as Serralves in the Moonlight, Astronomy in the Park, among many others.
In 2017 Serralves will continue its programme that aims to foster reflection about the contemporary world, thus fulfilling part of its Mission and assuming its position as a centre of reflection on themes facing contemporary society and its future.

The New Perspectives programme will continue in 2017, developed by the Museum's Educational Service based on a guiding theme that will orientate invitations made to guests, curators and researchers who have made outstanding work at the national and international level.

A major international conference on nature conservation and protection will be presented in 2017, in partnership with CIBIO-InBio (Research Centre on Biodiversity and Genetic Resources of the University of Porto), that aims to foster debate and awareness about the issues associated to nature conservation and protection.

In March, in partnership with the Margarida Losa Institute of Comparative Literature, of the Faculty of Letters of the University of Porto, Serralves will organise the International Conference, "Intersexualities: Crossing Bodies, Crossing Borders", that aims to adopt approaches, starting with Feminist Studies, Gender Studies and Queer Theory, which will foster discussion about inclusion policies and the idea of (social, literary and scientific) ​​communities in the 21st century.

In October, the Serralves Auditorium will once again host the AEP / Serralves Conference, presenting important reflections and testimonies by Portuguese and foreign institutional decision makers, entrepreneurs and managers, who are protagonists of globalization of the economy and knowledge.

A series of cycles and conferences will also be held during the year on different topics facing contemporary societies.
On June 3 and 4, Serralves will host the 14th edition of Serralves em Festa, Portugal’s biggest contemporary arts festival and one of the largest in Europe - with hundreds of activities taking place in the spaces of the Serralves Foundation and in various parts of Porto. Over the years it has become a must-see event for thousands of Portuguese and foreign visitors. In 2016 it broke all audience records, with more than 161,000 visitors.

The Autumn Festival also returns in 2017 for its 9th edition, in the first weekend of Autumn – 23-24 September. As in the 2016 edition, the Festival will last two days and allows families to celebrate the arrival of the new season. Serralves Park will be open to revive ancient autumn traditions and customs and also foster reflection about what can be done to build a more just and sustainable society. This special family weekend also includes educational workshops, music, dance and science activities. 

In 2017 the number and geographic dispersion of partners involved in Serralves key programming events will be expanded, in particular by extending these collaborations to Serralves’ founding municipalities, from the North to South of Portugal, thus catalysing a decentralized cultural dynamic, which is one of the Serralves Foundation’s key principles of action.

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