The Serralves Foundation is a cultural institution that harbours a contemporary vision of Art and the Landscape. Founded over 20 years ago, it’s one of Portugal’s leading cultural institutions and is the most important in Northern Portugal.  

Serralves’ architectural and landscape heritage, now classified as a National Monument, offers the ideal venue for your event. The Foundation’s spaces have unique characteristics, blending nature with a contemporary outlook, and incorporating unique and versatile environments, suitable for a wide variety of events.
Designed by the architect, Álvaro Siza Vieira, the Museum of Contemporary Art (MAC) is a unique space that combines architectural sobriety with the surrounding landscape in an innovative manner. 
The Museum constitutes a unique venue for hosting events, including the Hall, Library, Restaurant and Exhibition Rooms. 

Serralves Auditorium, designed by the architect Siza Vieira, is detached from the Museum’s main building, via a small courtyard, with direct access to the Upper Foyer, offering views over Serralves Park. The lower ground floor, accessed via the Foyer and Bar, provides direct connection to the Museum Library, with public access from the Main Hall and Exhibition Rooms, and via the underground Car Park.
The Hall is the Museum’s nerve centre, redistributing routes and facilitating access. It is also a reception area. In a zone that’s surrounded by art and architecture, it’s ideal for various events - such as cocktails and dinners.

The Multipurpose Room is located on the Museum’s 4th floor. It has multifunctional characteristics, suitable for hosting meetings, conferences and workshops. It’s centrally located, near to the Exhibition halls, Restaurant and Auditorium Bar.

The Library, located in the Museum building, houses an impressive installation of 77 glass lamps by the artist Tobias Rehberger. Equally important is its huge window, overlooking the park, that resembles a moving "landscape painting", populated by passers-by.

Serralves Restaurant, in the Museum building, offers privileged views over the Park. The rooftop terrace is set against a magnificent surrounding landscape. The Museum Restaurant is the perfect place to end your event - with a cocktail or exclusive dinner.
Serralves Villa, a unique example of art deco architecture in Porto, involved the work of renowned designers, such as Jacques Émile Ruhlmann, René Lalique and Edgar Brandt.
In a privileged location overlooking the gardens, the Villa has refined and pleasant spaces, filled with natural sunlight. A unique and incomparable setting for hosting exclusive and memorable events.

There are two notable spaces on the ground floor of Serralves Villa: the Hexagonal Room and the Marble Room. When used simultaneously, they’re ideal for hosting a dinner, lunch, or even a cocktail party. Separately, the Hexagonal Room, with its unique and privileged view over the Lateral Parterre, is suitable for meetings, conferences, seminars etc. The Marble Room, overlooking the impressive wrought-iron gate, Les Danseurs, by Edgar Brandt, is a comfortable space for organizing welcome-drinks or coffee breaks.

The Dining Room features the black marble console table, designed by Raymond Subes, and lamps by Émile Ruhlmann. This is an intimate space with exceptional views and an independent exit to Serralves Park’s Central Parterre. It’s the ideal space for hosting lunches or more exclusive meetings, and can serve as a support unit for larger-scale events.

Designed by Emile Jacques Ruhlmann, the Billiard Room overlooks one of the most reserved areas of the Park. It complements the larger rooms around it and can also be used for small conferences, lunches or training initiatives.

The Fireplace Room, on Serralves Villa’s 1st floor, offers a privileged view over the Central Parterre.  This space can be used for meetings and training initiatives for smaller groups, or as a support room for larger events.

The Countess' bedroom, located in the Villa’s Southern wing, is a more private space, ideal for holding staff meetings or training initiatives. The adjoining pink marble bathroom - a mirrored space of singular beauty - was designed by Alfred Porteneuve.

The Count’s Bedroom is one of the Villa’s most exclusive spaces. With a privileged view over the Central Parterre and with furniture designed by Fernando Távora, it’s the ideal venue for meetings, training initiatives and workshops. With a large antechamber, the Count’s Bedroom offers a private and independent space for catering services and networking activities.

Located on Serralves Villa’s 1st floor, the Guest Room, with a limestone floor and mirrors along the entrance, is an ideal venue for exclusive events or to support large-scale events.

Serralves Park extends over eighteen acres, including points of special interest, within an innovative landscape perspective. It’s one of the world’s most notable examples of twentieth century landscape architecture. Designed and completed in 1940 by the architect Jacques Gréber, Serralves Park provides a peaceful atmosphere and an unrivalled setting for hosting events.

Serralves Park extends over eighteen acres, and is one of the world’s most notable examples of twentieth century landscape architecture.  Offering a peaceful environment, Serralves Villa’s Lateral Parterre is an unparalleled venue for your event. This space can be used independently, by erecting a pavilion tent and other outdoor equipment.

Located in the heart of the Park, next to the Tea House and the Rose Garden, the Tennis Court is a large open space with support infrastructures that can host events for up to 500 people. The Tennis Court is the ideal venue for gala banquets, parties or exclusive cocktails.

The Tea House is a unique and special site for holding small events, such as brunches, lunches, dinners, meetings and presentations. It has a covered esplanade and its own support services and two independent entrances, making it an attractive venue for events involving up to 35 people.

With great natural riches, it’s possible to find various kinds of gardens in the park, several of which include works of art. The Rose Garden or the Clareira das Bétulas are special zones, ideal for holding large-scale cocktails. The Farm and Meadow are wonderful, spacious areas for organizing original outdoor activities, such as popular festivities, picnics etc. As a complement to the spaces of the Museum or Villa or in their own right, Serralves’ gardens can host up to 4,000 people, including multiple sites where pavilion tents may be erected.

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