Serralves in the Moonlight

Serralves Park is a unique example of landscape art in Portugal. In an equally unique manner, we invite you to stroll through its emblematic woods, clearings and groves; as you walk alongside the Park’s water courses, listening and watching, from the Central Parterre to the Romantic Lake - that reflects the lights from the Villa and the full moon. Surprise your employees through this unique experience. The nocturnal visit lasts approximately 1 1/2 hour and should take place during full moon.  

Conditions: for a minimum group of 15 people, subject to weather conditions; the fee includes 1 monitor and 1 receptionist; the indicated fee corresponds to a visit in English at the weekend, for visits in Portuguese and / or during the week, please contact us.

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Rua D. João de Castro, 210
4150-417 Porto Portugal