from 28 MAR 2019 to 19 MAY 2019
Ângelo de Sousa (Lourenço Marques, Mozambique, 1938—2011, Porto) is one of the most influential figures in the Portuguese art world of the second half of the twentieth century and is one of the artists with the greatest number of works in the Serralves Collection. These works span the period between 1961 and 2002, and cover all artistic media used throughout his prolific career: drawing, painting, film, sculpture, installation and photography.Ângelo de Sousa: Nearly Everything I Am Capable Of combines a considerable part of these works — including almost all his drawings, paintings and sculptures — and aims to emphasize the importance of the interaction between these disciplines for the evolution of his artistic work. Including more than 20 works from various periods of his career, this exhibition will make a definitive contribution to combating the prevailing image that he was primarily a painter. It shows that his sculptures and drawings are also fundamental facets of his work, in which the experimentalist spirit is particularly striking.  His works are apparently simple — the artist once said that he tried to achieve ‘the maximum effect with the minimum resources, the maximum effectiveness with the minimum effort, and the maximum presence with the minimum screaming’. His drawings, paintings and sculptures do not illustrate concepts, they never begin with ideas, but rather his desire to make and think with his hands. The exhibition underlines the artist’s desire to work with simple elements, and presents his earliest works, still figurative but already revealing the simplified approach that was to characterize his practice, side by side with abstract-geometric exercises — in particular drawings, paintings and sculptures — that established Ângelo de Sousa as one of the utmost explorers of colour and light.Ângelo de Sousa: Nearly Everything I Am Capable Of is part of a programme of exhibitions and sited presentations of works from the Serralves collection that furthers the museum´s aim of making the collection visible and accessible to a broader public around the country.
Production: Serralves Foundation — Museum of Contemporary Art, Porto  Related Activities 27 MAR (QUA), 21H30 | INAUGURAÇÃO
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