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Sala de exposição com tecto coberto por balões de hélio dourados.

Serralves Foundation is represented in Google Arts & Culture, a digital platform and a cultural dissemination app that enables users to virtually discover millions of artworks, institutions, and historical sites around the world.

The project stems from Google’s initiative “What is Contemporary Art?” presented by Google Arts & Culture in 2017 that enables users around the world to explore more contemporary art works and histories. The global initiative and online exhibition encompasses over 7,000 works, including paintings, sculptures and videos from more than 180 cultural institutions from 27 countries.

The Serralves Foundation is one of the participants in this global project that includes over 120 exhibitions from internationally renowned institutions, such as Brazil’s Bienal de São Paulo, the UAE’s Barjeel Art Foundation and MoMa in the United States. Anyone with a smartphone or computer can access collections, exhibitions, artists and stories from the Middle East to Africa, from Latin America to Asia, and explore contemporary art as never before.

The platform enables all users to see high resolution images of the works of art held in the Serralves Collection, as well as descriptions of each of the work (see this example for Paula Rego’s work “Four girls playing with the dog” (1987)).

Using Gigapixel technology - a photographic process that enables users to capture ultra-high resolution images - users can use the microscopic zoom to magnify images, and view artworks in extraordinary detail not visible to the naked eye.

Serralves's online exhibition on the Google Arts & Culture platform also offers a virtual tour of the Foundation's spaces. This feature is part of the Street View tool (included in Google Maps) and enables users to virtually travel through spaces, and select certain locations, to discover further information or see high resolution images.

The Serralves area on the Google Arts & Culture platform can be visited here.


01 Museu

Serralves Museum

Serralves Museum

02 Parque



04 Casa do Cinema

House of Cinema

House of Cinema

03 Casa de Serralves

Serralves Villa

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