Indivíduo distribui jornais do evento Serralves em Festa no Jardim

Since the Foundation was first established, integration within the local chas been assumed as one of the institution’s intrinsic characteristics. This has led to an emphasis on volunteering as a privileged means of involving the local community. Implemented in 2002, the Volunteering Programme represents an open attitude by the Foundation in relation to society, based on the principles of participation, solidarity and cooperation, complementarity and free provision of services, among others. There has been significant adhesion to this initiative from the outset, demonstrating that members of civil society are extremely keen to participate in implementation of the Serralves project.

The Foundation organises two kinds of volunteering:
- The General Volunteering Programme: that takes place throughout the year.
- One-off Volunteering: For specific one-off events such as: Serralves em Festa, the Autumn Festival, BioBlitz.

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