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A leading space for Portuguese and international books on Contemporary Art, Architecture, Environment and related themes, in particular Art History, Performing Arts, Photography, Film, Design, Landscape and Cultural Tourism.


Serralves Bookshop contains publications published within the framework of the Serralves Foundation's activities, in particular exhibitions, artists and works from the Collection, and also has books about the history of the Museum, Park and Serralves Villa.


Serralves Bookshop also has a wide range of graphic works, including lithographs and serigraphs signed by well-known Portuguese artists.


Partnership with Inc. - Books and Artist’s publications

Our partnership with Inc., which specializes in books and artist’s publications in the field of Contemporary Art, has strengthened our offer in this specific type of publication.

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01 Museu

Serralves Museum

Serralves Museum

02 Parque



04 Casa do Cinema

House of Cinema

House of Cinema

03 Casa de Serralves

Serralves Villa

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