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Arboriculture service
To promote the quality of life of trees and preserve their natural heritage.

The Arboriculture service of the Fundação de Serralves is comprised by a core set of specialists and technicians trained in the area, who are ready to develop practical treatment and conservation of trees in order to ensure their physiological, sanitary and aesthetic equilibrium.

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The quotation is provided free of charge (up to 150 km from Porto).

Founders and Friends of Serralves benefit from special conditions.

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For further information or for quotation requests, please contact Manuela Ferreira

Telephone: +351 22 615 65 91
Mobile: +351 93 613 65 33

The Fundação de Serralves provides the following services:

- Pruning
- Cleaning and treatment of cuts, wounds and cavities
- Shoring and application of tensioning wires
- Phytosanitary Treatment
- Felling and removal
- Clearance
- Pruning formation of medium and large-scale trees


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