The Foundation

Strategic Action Themes



Uma sala do museu com as paredes cobertas de textos.


Raise awareness and knowledge of audiences from different backgrounds and ages in relation to contemporary art, architecture, environmental issues faced by contemporary societies and other critical issues for society and its future.


Offer an outstanding and diversified programme, implemented through innovative and interdisciplinary projects, in the framework of the Museum and Park and reflection about critical issues facing contemporary society.


Increase the Foundation’s assets value through the preservation and enhancement of its architectural heritage and Park, as well as development of a major contemporary art collection.


Strengthen the Foundation’s national and international public image and reputation as a centre of excellence in the fields of contemporary art, architecture, landscape and reflection on critical issues facing contemporary society


Contribute to the development of an environment that will foster creativity and encourage the growth of creative industries, with significant potential for wealth and job creation.


Guarantee the Foundation’s economic and financial sustainability, promoting operational excellence and boosting the attraction and generation of suitable financial resources.

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