IRS Allocation


Now you can also contribute to the Serralves Foundation on your tax return. At no cost, you may donate 0.5% of your personal tax return (IRS).Serralves has shown that it complies with its mission, performing a central role in culture and a significant one in the Portuguese economy. Internationally recognised, it has a strong positive impact on Porto, the North of Portugal, and Portugal as a whole, as a cultural and creative agent, a key tourist attraction, an educational institution, a centre to encourage the creative industries, a social promoter and an economic agent. Thus, when you submit your tax return, 0.5% of your IRS will help us further our mission.All taxpayers are allowed to allocate 0.5% of the total amount of tax due (after deduction of expenses), without having to pay more and without affecting their IRS refund.On Annex H (Tax Benefits and Deductions), simply tick square 11 "Cultural institutions with public utility status” and, in field 1103, write Taxpayer Number 502 266 643.

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By doing this you are giving Serralves Foundation 0.5% of your assessed tax amount, that would otherwise pertain to the State.

Thus, your donation will help the Foundation to continue to develop its activities to educate, inspire and bring people close to contemporary art and the environment.