O Museu como Performance


Grupo de pessoas a assistir a performance numa sala escura com pontos de luz roxa.

Museum as Performance recognises the rising importance of performance in contemporary art and aims to consolidate Serralves' position as a pioneering museum in terms of trans-disciplinary links, fostering constant intersections between the visual and performing arts, and the regular presence of internationally-acclaimed artists from the fields of contemporary dance, performance and music. The invitation to artists to make interventions in the museum’s spaces also reflects Serralves' interest in working with artists whose work responds to its architectural context and natural surroundings.

This programme aims to mirror the diversity of current perspectives on what performance means today - from working with language, exploring the relationship with theatre (through attention to the spoken word, and incorporation of props), connections and tensions between physical action and drawing or sculpture, questioning the autonomy of the results of a performance, as an installation and memory, and the long-term construction of relationships with the surrounding architectural and acoustic space.




01 Museu

Serralves Museum

Serralves Museum

02 Parque



04 Casa do Cinema

House of Cinema

House of Cinema

03 Casa de Serralves

Serralves Villa

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