The Foundation

Strategic Goals



Espaço interior com vista para o jardim de Serralves, através de grandes janelas.


Develop an ambitious programme of exhibitions featuring leading Portuguese and foreign artists and initiatives involving young artists that, on a permanent basis, aim to increase the level of involvement and loyalty of audiences and of the Founders, Patrons and Sponsors.


Foster initiatives in the fields of architecture, music, performing arts and film that value the Foundation’s programme, from a multidisciplinary perspective.


Foster the organisation of conferences, seminars or discussions that will have a major impact on the arts, environment, landscape and the social, experimental and political sciences, involving the participation of leading national and foreign experts.


Strengthen partnerships with other internationally renowned institutions, to foster appreciation of the Foundation’s heritage and increase joint activities and boost cultural exchanges, in particular by fostering international itinerant exhibitions and co-productions.


Develop and implement innovative educational programs aimed at raising the awareness of different audiences towards the issues of contemporary art, architecture and the environment, via a heterogeneous programme, guided by highly demanding standards, with a view towards building audiences and fostering their loyalty, creation of cultural habits and development of critical and creative thinking, with special attention on under-represented sectors.


Foster extension of the Foundation's initiatives to different parts of Portugal, by conducting itinerant exhibitions, environmental initiatives, provision of services in the fields of education and the creative industries, among others, especially with the founding municipalities.


Maintain an editorial policy in accordance with the highest international standards, in the fields of contemporary art, architecture and the landscape.


Foster involvement and social inclusion through initiatives aimed at disadvantaged persons and those with special needs, by facilitating their access to Serralves’ programming.


Organize events that have a major public impact, to improve access for different audiences to contemporary art, in all its forms, and that attract large segments of the general population.


Strengthen the Foundation’s visibility and awareness in Portugal, especially in Lisbon and Southern Portugal, and abroad, via an effective communication policy of its objectives and activities and contribute to furthering the degree of involvement and loyalty of audiences and of Founders, Patrons and Sponsors.


Develop a leading contemporary art collection, using a selective policy of acquisitions, donations and deposits, seeking new mechanisms to attract investors to support the collection and foster its visibility.


Foster research and study concerning the Foundation’s heritage, its background and main assets (collection, landscape and built heritage).


To foster the Foundation’s environmental sustainability and ensure the preservation, conservation, inventory and restoration of all its assets, upholding the highest standards of quality.


Strengthen the relationship between the Museum and the Park in order to maximize a higher impact for this heritage complex.


Contribute to the development of an environment that will be favourable towards creativity, that encourages the creation and growth of new companies in the field of the creative industries with significant potential for wealth creation and job creation.


Strengthen the impact and reputation of the Foundation, via integration in prestigious national and international networks, fostering the participation of its representatives and employees in highly respected positions and competing for awards.


Build loyalty and attract new Founders, Sponsors, Patrons and Sponsors, at the national and international level.


Seek to ensure that the State fulfils its statutory commitments and foster the raising of other financial support from local authorities and other public bodies.


Maximize revenues from the Foundation’s programming and commercial initiatives, while complying with the conditions imposed by pursuit of its mission and preservation of its heritage.


Maximize revenues from the Foundation’s programming and commercial initiatives, while complying with the conditions imposed by pursuit of its mission and preservation of its heritage.


Foster levels of operational excellence, through efficient use of resources, optimizing costs in the Foundation’s different services.


Strengthen the Foundation’s strategic areas, anticipating future needs, with a commitment to digital technogies, and enhancing its capacity to adapt to change and ensure the commitment of its employees, in relation to the Foundation’s Mission and Vision.


01 Museu

Serralves Museum

Serralves Museum

02 Parque



04 Casa do Cinema

House of Cinema

House of Cinema

03 Casa de Serralves

Serralves Villa

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