23 - 24 JUL 2021

Horário: 20:00

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Ana Rita Teodoro’s performative oeuvre focuses on a multidisciplinary research of the body, its personality and anatomy. Her gesturality springs from the research and transformation of temporalities, textures and functions of the conventional human body and a metamorphosis resulting in the artistic objects that she creates and where she inscribes herself in.  

‘aaa partir’ is the title of the performance that dialogues with the work I give everything away by artist Louise Bourgeois shown at the Serralves Museum.

Ana Rita Teodoro has written the following about this piece: Finished in the year of her death, in 2010, it is hard not to see the enunciates described on the drawings as preparatory mantras for her departure from the her body, her home, her nest – I leave the nest.(…).

‘aaa partir’ is inspired by the gestures of grasping and letting go, the gestures of bringing close and pushing away, as it tries to reflect on “beginnings” and “ends” as the necessary punctuations to a continuous gesture. 


Ana Rita Teodoro holds a Masters in Dance, Creation and Performance by CNDC Angers and Université de Paris 8 (2011/13). She studied the body through the disciplines of anatomy, palaeontology and philosophy at c.e.m. (Lisbon) and Qi Gong at the Lisbon School of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Tatsumi Hijikata’s Butoh has been one of her major areas of artistic investment. She occasionally collaborates with different artists in dance, performance and music projects.