15 - 16 JUL 2021

Horário: 20:00

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Sónia Baptista explores and experiments with the languages of dance, performance, music, theatre and video, which manifest in the originality of her creations and the visual devices deployed in them.  Writing and spoken word are the main engines of her work, along with an aesthetical and spatial dimension.

As a result her facing with Louise Bourgeois’ sculptures shown at the Serralves Museum, together with her diaries and literary references, Sónia Baptista brings us the piece ‘desdormir’ [unsleeping], created in collaboration with artists Lara Torres and Raquel Melgue.


Sónia Baptista holds a degree in Contemporary Dance and is Master Researcher in Choreography and Performance by the University of Roehampton (London, UK). As interpreter and cocreator she has collaborated with several artists and companies, including Laurent Goldring, Patrícia Portela, Aldara Bizarro, Vera Mantero, Thomas Lehmann, Arco Renz, Teatro Cão Solteiro, AADK, Lígia Soares, Sílvia Real and Clara Amaral. She collaborates with other artists as the author of texts for theatre pieces and choreographer for film, video and theatre. Sónia Baptista has published six books, countless essays, poems and writings featured in magazines and digital platforms.