CYCLE What my dance says Vera Mantero - Cinema session: film preview documentary Vera Mantero

Directed by Cristina Ferreira Gomes and authorship by Luiz Antunes

10 FEV 2023 | 10pm

Free Access

Ticket pick-up required


The screening will be followed by a conversation between the film director, its author and the artist Vera Mantero.


What my dance says

Vera Mantero



60' | 10 FEV FEB | 10PM

Serralves Auditorium

In the artistic process of the choreographer Vera Mantero is exemplary her continuous ability to discuss ideas and to react to junctures/scenarios that characterize the contemporary reality, to share them after with artists, performers, theorists and audiences, depending on her motivations and artistic expressions. For the artist questioning is imperative and acting is presenting.

The Vera Mantero documentary by Cristina Ferreira Gomes reveal how, for Mantero, life is a terribly complicated and rich phenomenon and the artistic work a continuous fight against the impoverishment of the spirit.

Filmed over the course of a year, between the cities of Porto and Lisbon, the documentary also follows, in an intimate way, the creating process of the piece A fright is a whole world, by Vera Mantero. At the same time, it takes us on a journey through the pathway of one of the most important contemporary artists.

Directed by: Cristina Ferreira Gomes

Authorship and interviews: Luiz Antunes

Production director: Ellen Igersheimer

Edition: Beatriz Tomaz

A production Mares do Sul for RTP2

Artist support: Programa Garantir Cultura

Production support: Câmara Municipal de Lisboa

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