As Palavras dos Artistas: Cindy Sherman

with David Bruno, artist

Galerias do Museu
25 FEB 2023 | 5PM


Adulto residente em Portugal: 11€

Adulto não residente em Portugal: 13€

Entrada gratuita para crianças até aos 12 anos;

Desconto de 50% para Amigos de Serralves, jovens até aos 18 anos e maiores de 65 anos.

Filipe Braga

As part of the exhibition Cindy Sherman: Metamorphosis, on show at the Serralves Museum, we have invited artists from various fields to share their vision of the show. Over 40 years of work Cindy Sherman has developed an approach and an aesthetic in which the portrait and social typologies are widely scrutinised, and in which her various faces and masks, which hide her true face, are representations of a freely constructed and fictionalised character. Whether femme fatale, suburban housewife, or successful businesswoman, the narratives constructed throughout the exhibition are endless. Faced with such an inspiring universe, we shredded some creators to build fictions from fictions and share them with us.

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