Desenho de Luz: Nuno Maya
29 JUL - 17 OCT 2021

Todos os dias, das 20:00 às 24:00 (venda do último bilhete: 23:00)

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All days, 8:30pm - 12pm

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For the first time, Serralves in the Light, will transform the entire Serralves Park into an impactful light exhibition allowing a dazzling nocturnal experience of this magnificent space. 


The lighting design was created by Nuno Maya in collaboration with the Serralves Park team. This large outdoors exhibition features powerful light and colour dynamics to create a magical atmosphere that envelops the entire Park offering stunning perspectives of this outstanding natural and architectural heritage.    


By resorting to various light sources, such as LED, halogen, hmi, laser or video, new and ambitious visual experiences have been created that transport visitors across different perceptions between the real and the imaginary while establishing static or kinetic dialogues in 28 installations along a 3 -kilometre trajectory that crosses the entire Park.


The introduction of colour, sound and visual effects allow for an unusual experience of the Park.  Light installations have turned the space into immersive environments that transport us to the different seasons of the year and allow for a connection with the various natural elements in the Park, such as water and vegetation, and offer an original experience of nature’s luminous manifestations, such as the sun, the moon, reflections, rainbows or the atmospheric effects. 


This surprizing trajectory of light was conceived as a one-way route as it crosses several reference points in the Park offering the public a varied and complete sensorial journey.  




General Ticket: 12,50€

Bilhete Reduzido: 10,50€ [crianças dos 4 aos 11 anos, estudantes, seniores (igual ou superior a 65 anos), mobilidade reduzida]

Bilhete Família e Amigos de Serralves: 9,50€ (preço por pessoa válido para família de 2 adultos + mínimo de 1 criança/adolescente dos 4 aos 17 anos/Amigos de Serralves/Cartão BPI*)

Crianças até aos 3 anos inclusive: gratuito


* Válido para um bilhete por titular de conta, mediante a apresentação de cartão de crédito/Multibanco BPI, e um documento de identificação correspondente. Apenas são aceites os cartões BPI emitidos para clientes do Banco. Não são aceites cartões de crédito especiais, ou de outras instituições/marcas, parceiros, mesmo que tenham o logo BPI.

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Nuno Maya

Throughout his career, Nuno Maya has shown his work in Portugal and in over 25 countries, covering various artistic fields, such as lighting, photography and video. His work as been shown at such spaces as the Serralves Villa (in the context of the 2006 BES Revelation Award), the Calouste Gulbenkian Museum (Res Publica 2011), ARCO Madrid, Arte Lisboa, Fundació Foto Colectania (Spain) and several UNESCO World Heritage Sites, namely the Royal Exhibition Building (Melbourne), Alcobaça Monastery, Convent of Christ (Tomar), Belém Tower (Lisbon) and the UNESCO headquarters in Paris in the context of the International Year of Light celebrations (2015).  While his creations are mostly site specific and conceived for the public space, Nuno Maya has also shown his work in several galleries and museums and is featured in national and international collections such as La colección Premanente del CGAC Centro Galego de Arte Contemporánea (Spain), BES art_Colecção Banco Espírito Santo (Portugal) and Fundação PLMJ (Portugal).


He was co-founder and art director of LUMINA Festival da Luz, considered by British newspaper The Guardian as one of the ‘Top 10 European Light Festivals’ and awarded at the Gala Awards with a Cultural Event prize. Throughout its 7 editions, one in Sintra and six in Cascais, the festival received over 1 million visitors.


As co-founder and art director of studio OCUBO, he is responsible for various cultural projects, such as Immersivus Gallery (Lisbon, Porto and Algarve), Lisbon Under Stars, recipient of the Bea World Awards, Lisbon Legends, (Ruins of Convento do Carmo) and Porto Legends (Porto Customs House), as well as several light installations across the world.