Contemporary Gallery, Serralves Chapel and Park
27 OCT 2021 - APR 2022
2110 Christina Kubisch

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Christina Kubisch is one of today's most celebrated sound artists. After studying painting, music and electronics, she began, in the 1970s, to work with sound sculptures, installations and electroacoustic compositions that would establish her as a pioneer and fundamental name in the field of Sound Art.


In the late 1970s, Christina Kubisch began using the technique of electromagnetic induction in her installations, a device that allows the transmission of sounds between electrical cables and headphones with magnetic coils specially designed by the artist. This system, which Kubisch has been constantly improving both technically and artistically, has been the starting point for numerous sound installations carried out around the world since 1980. It brings together and intersects various aspects of Kubisch's work: a revelation and awareness of the flow of energy and sound that surrounds us anytime, anywhere, in times dominated by technology; the proposal of an aesthetic dimension for the sounds transported by electricity and electromagnetism, in compositions that are constituted both by the artist's choices as by the conscious and self-determined movement of the audience; the highlighting of our condition as beings connected by much more than what is on the surface, namely by what is invisible and silent.


The installation THE GREENHOUSE, 2017, is an example of Kubisch's works that use electromagnetic induction. The public, equipped with headphones, is given access to the soundscape that emerges from the approximately 1,500 meters of suspended cables in the Museum's Contemporary Gallery. When moving in the space, the audience can mix the natural and electromagnetic sounds that circulate in them.

Also in BRUNNENLIEDER (FOUNTAIN SONGS) natural sounds - both from the site where it is installed or from recordings - are fused with musical quotations from vinyl records with versions of Schubert’s song "Ein Brunnen vor dem Tore" (based on the folk song with the same name), gathered here under the sign and sound plasticity of water.

SILENCE PROJECT, 2011 - ongoing, focuses on a line of research and artistic practice by Kubisch that addresses the material, conceptual and cultural questions inherent to silence. Based on a collection of recordings of the words that mean "silence" in about seventy languages, the project is divided into two works: one made from images of sonograms of these words (Analyzing Silence), and another (Silent Exercises) consisting a silent video projection merging those images and a sound installation with the spatialization of a composition created with the mentioned recordings, which will impose itself on the silence of the tower of the Chapel of Casa de Serralves.


In 2010, Christina Kubisch presented a version for the center of Porto of her well-known Electrical Walks, within the programme of Trama - Performing Arts Festival. Now, in 2021, Kubisch will have her first exhibition in Portuguese territory, constituting an opportunity for a closer relation with this fundamental artist and historical figure in contemporary music and art.




2110 Christina Kubisch
2110 Christina Kubisch

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2110 Christina Kubisch

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