António Júlio Duarte: Fever

Galeria Contemporânea do Museu e Capela da Casa de Serralves
26 MAY - 12 NOV 2023
<p>Lesma na porta, Rabo de Peixe, 2019–23</p>

Lesma na porta, Rabo de Peixe, 2019–23

The first exhibition of António Júlio Duarte (Lisbon, 1965) at Serralves brings together a selection of works specifically conceived for the Foundation’s spaces. The Museum’s Contemporary Gallery displays 50 photographs of identical format and the Chapel of the Serralves Villa a large format print on fabric of the work Queimado [Burnt] (2017). The installation of this canvas takes advantage of the Chapel’s intimate space and the duplicity created by the transparency of the fabric.

The artistic production of António Julio Duarte gained consistency and depth from the 1990s onwards, when he began to journey around the world, taking an incalculable number of images. His lens offers us fragments of multiple realities, some distant, others close at hand: his photography has a universal, recognisable character and knows no borders. Black and white at first and then in colour, the image acquires an anthropological dimension and its author stands out at the centre of the image. Duarte blends with his oeuvre. He is subtle and discreet, but sharp and assertive. In his projects he builds images of a primordial and primitive depth.

Concept: António Júlio Duarte and Paula Fernandes



Filipe Braga
Antonio Julio Duarte febre
Antonio Julio Duarte febre

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