from 04 FEB 2019 to 27 MAR 2019
The "INOVDESIGN” Project aims to raise awareness and empower Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises in the North Region of Portugal to adopt innovative models for the development and design of products and goods.Encompassing various initiatives, including workshops, seminars, awards and publications, the project aims to highlight the importance of design in the economy and the added value that can be created by integrating design into companies’ production chains, based on differentiation factors such as marketing, brands and innovative business models.
The activities included within the "Empowerment" action aim to identify, raise awareness and empower companies in relation to critical competitiveness factors associated to design, especially in terms of innovation and creativity.Various training cycles will be developed in this context, including workshops and a seminar, that will present successful cases in the Portuguese and international market, based on the differentiation that can be achieved through design.During these meetings various topics will be shared and discussed including (among other subjects): -the relevance of intangible competitiveness factors, in particular innovation / soft innovation, and the case of design, marketing and brands; -tendencies and positioning of companies to ensure differentiation and valorisation of products, as an "upgrade" in the value chain; -aesthetic and technological innovations.
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