Museum Galleries and Educational Services Room
07 OCT 2023 | 3pm

Access: Family ticket
Adult resident in Portugal: 11€
Adult not resident in Portugal: 13€
Free entry for children up to 12 years old
50% discount for Friends of Serralves, young people up to 18 and over 65s

1410 oficina allora e calzadilla
Image: Filipe Braga

How many interpretations can a work of art have? Are all interpretations valid? Or can a sculpture be a starting point for the invention of a new story?

In their work, the artists Allora & Calzadilla are inspired by history, nature, biology, archaeology and politics. Always using research as a starting point, their sculptures and installations are nevertheless extremely rich in possible interpretations.

In this workshop for families, we will think together like archaeologists or scientists, using drawing, collage and photography to investigate and interpret the Entelechy exhibition and its possible secret meanings!

Mecenas da Exposição

1410 oficina allora e calzadilla

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