de Sara Anjo & Teresa Silva


22 ABR 2021

Horário: 20:00

Duração: 50'

2104 Oráculo (Portugal)


Sara Anjo & Teresa Silva

22 April - 8pm

Serralves Auditorium

Oráculo – a reading performance

Sara Anjo & Teresa Silva

23-25 April – online

09:30 pm/ 11:30 pm

Can the body be an oracle? Can the show be an oracle? This is a hypothetical exercise that – more than searching for answers – listens, watches, reads, interprets signals and symbols in order to create possibilities. It confronts us in the here-and-now with the moment of an action, suspending our obsession with the future. It also confronts us with a permanent questioning, a restlessness and the incessant searching in each of us.

The darkness of the theatre becomes the medium for illuminating something less visible and more occult, and the theatrical experience can thus reveal itself as a real and transformational perspective.

‘Oracle’ invites us to come together and practice other forms of clairvoyance.


Photo © Joana Linda

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