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Performing Arts CycleLouise Bourgeois’ Exhibition“To Unravel a Torment”

Apresenta obras de Anne Lebaron, Catherine Lamb, Inés Badalo e Mary Jane Leach

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07 NOV 2021

Horário: 18:30

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This concert brings together works by three American composers (Anne LeBaron, Catherine Lamb and Mary Jane Leach) and the premiere of a piece by Inés Badalo commissioned to this young Luso-Spanish composer within the context of a dialogue with Louise Bourgeois’ exhibition.

In ‘Noh Reflections’, by Anne LeBaron, there is the inspiration of Japanese Noh theatre sonorities and also of the balance and contrast between formal abstraction and a strong emotional expressivity and of the tension between order and plasticity that can be found in that artistic form.  

‘Dowland’s Tears’, by Mary Jane Leach is based on “I Saw My Lady Weep”, by John Dowland, the British baroque composer who chose melancholy as the central theme of his oeuvre. Leach explores that state of mind and the possibility of transfiguring it through the resonances and musical colours of the piece.

In ‘three bodies (moving)’, Catherine Lamb creates a vast spatial-temporal field to weave a musical fabric punctuated by discreet expressive fluctuations and respirations. This fabric becomes a web of responsibilities shared by the composer, the musicians and the audience, as well as a refuge for experimenting with active listening, which involves the choice between different positions in the perceptual spiral connecting a central individual stance to that which stands on the outside.



‘Noh Reflections’ (1985) by Anne LeBaron;

‘Dowland’s Tears’ (2018) by Mary Jane Leach;

'Grid' (2021), by Inés Badalo [new piece];

‘three bodies (moving)’ (2010) by Catherine Lamb.


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Ricardo Carvalho (flute)

Horácio Ferreira (clarinet)

Diogo Coelho (violin)

Francisco Lourenço (viola)

Gonçalo Lélis (cello)



Coproduction: Arte No Tempo e Fundação de Serralves

2109 ars ad hoc 7 nov
2109 ars ad hoc 7 nov
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