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Memorial Dan Graham

Not Post-Modernism. Dan Graham and 20th-Century Architecture

23 MAR 2024 | 15:00

Access: free and subject to the room capacity.

2303 Memorial Dan Graham

Serralves remembers Dan Graham in an afternoon where curators and friends gather to celebrate the life, work, and legacy of the artist.

Join us in this celebration of words, images, and songs that each participant will share following the order of their respective zodiac signs, drawing on Dan Graham’s love for astrology.

Not Post-Modernism. Dan Graham and the 20 th Century Architecture was Dan Graham’s last exhibition project that is now on display at Serralves, presenting projects of eight architects selected by the artist.

The memorial will be in English, without simultaneous translation.


Philippe Vergne

Aquarius, Director of the Museum of Contemporary Art of Serralves

Gloria Moure

Aries, Curator

Sandra Antelo Suarez

Aries, Curator and Publisher

Bartomeu Mari

Taurus, Curator

Corinne Diserens

Taurus, Curator

Alexandra Midal

Cancer, Curator

Marc e Josée Gensollen

Cancer and Pisces, Collectors

Chris Dercon

Leo, Director of the Fondation Cartier, Paris

Christine Van Assche

Sagittarius, Curator

Franck Gautherot

Capricorn, Curator

Momoyo Kaijima e Yoshiharu Tsukamato

Aquarius and Capricorn, Architects Atelier Bow-wow

Pedro de Llano Cabado

Aquarius, Architect

Mieko Meguro

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