An evening with Kenneth Frampton (in Two Acts)

Álvaro Siza Wing
20 NOV 2023 | 6pm


The session will be held in english.

3€ (Amigos de Serralves, estudantes e maiores 65 anos: 50% desconto)                

Álvaro Siza: Fragmentos de Continuidade

6.00pm Book launch of Design Principles- Álvaro Siza: Piscina de Marés (1960-2021)

7.30pm Kenneth Frampton in conversation with Carles Muro and Álvaro Siza

Professor Kenneth Frampton, one the foremost living architectural thinkers, prefaced a book reflecting on Álvaro Siza’s "Design Principles", based upon his own words and on his extensive work. The book, edited by Teresa Cunha Ferreira, is organized in two interrelated parts: the first, on Álvaro Siza's fundamental principles as guidelines that apply to the author's oeuvre; the second, on the design principles of the Ocean Swimming Pool, reveals how the former can be applied on a case-by-case basis to each work, permeated by a common conceptual and methodological horizon.

The event will be organised in two separate but interconnected acts. In the first one, Professor Frampton will be in conversation with Teresa Cunha Ferreira and Carles Muro, author of a short essay included in the book. The conversation will be centred around Álvaro Siza’s Design Principles and on the architect's writings a privileged place to search for them, co-organized with the Faculty of Architecture - University of Porto.

Álvaro Siza will join the conversation with Kenneth Frampton in the second act, which in turn is part of the more extensive "Naked Architecture" programme. This series – which will continue to take place in the Álvaro Siza Wing throughout 2023, until the opening of the first exhibition of the Permanent Collection at the beginning of 2024 – aims to propose a reflection on the power of naked, empty, architecture, while celebrating Siza's latest contribution to the architecture collection of the Serralves Foundation.

Support “Design Principles - Álvaro Siza: Ocean Swimming Pool (1960-2021)”

Álvaro Siza: Fragmentos de Continuidade

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