plays G. Kurtág, H. Lachenmann, D. Terranova, J. Moreira

Serralves Auditorium
19 FEV 2023 | 6pm
ARS AD HOC Apresenta 19fev2023

The first program that ars ad hoc presents in Serralves in 2023 is entirely composed of works for strings (solo and trios). In addition to the first string trio by the featured composer for this season, Helmut Lachenmann (1935), ars ad hoc will present, for the first time in Portugal, a trio by the Italian Daniela Terranova (1977) as well as the absolute premiere of a new work that the young and very promising composer João Moreira (2004) wrote for the group, following the a call for proposals that Arte no Tempo launched last September. Preceding these works, ars ad hoc interprets some miniatures by the hungarian György Kurtág (1926).


György Kurtág (1926)
Az hit… [1998] 3’
for cello solo

In Nomine-all’ongherese [2001, rev. 2004] 4’
for viola solo

Doloroso [1992] 2’

for violin solo

Virág az ember, Mijakónak [2001] 1’30”
for string trio

Daniela Terranova (1977)

Rainbow Dust in the Sky * [2018] ca 5′

for string trio

Helmut Lachenmann (1935)
String Trio nº 1 [1965] ca 12′

João Moreira (2004)

Atropos** [2022]

for string trio

* national premiere

** world premiere

Diogo Coelho > violin
Francisco Lourenço > viola

Gonçalo Lélis > cello
Diana Ferreira > artistic programme

Matilde Andrade > light control

Coprodução: Fundação de Serralves e Arte no Tempo


ARS AD HOC Apresenta 19fev2023ARS AD HOC Apresenta 19fev2023


ARS AD HOC Apresenta 19fev2023


ARS AD HOC Apresenta 19fev2023


ARS AD HOC Apresenta 19fev2023

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