22 SEP 2023 | 8PM

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Candura e Rui Chafes

'From Ruin is a storm of iron and wind ravaging an ice-covered plateau. The white fire turns back the corrosion that invades the smooth surface of the most vulnerable bodies: we move backwards until we are luminous as newborn babies. We wait expectantly for an end equal to a beginning. In the tense immobility of this suspended time, only the lacerated remains of the icy wind remain.

No shelter, just sky.' — Candura and Rui Chafes, 2023

The result of a co-creation that brings together Rui Chafes and Candura, From Ruin premieres in Porto at the Serralves Auditorium, opening the ninth edition of Amplifest on September 22, in a collaboration between the Serralves Foundation and Amplificasom. Chafes' sculpture will participate in an unlikely dialogue that, together with Candura's soundtrack, combines sculpture and architecture with music.


Candura e Rui Chafes
Candura e Rui Chafes

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