Cedofeita Church
21 NOV 2023 | 9:30pm

Free admission


CHARLEMAGNE PALESTINE is an American composer, performer, and visual artist. A contemporary of Philip Glass, Terry Riley, Phill Niblock, and Steve Reich, Palestine, is a stellar figure in contemporary music. Since the 1960s he has begun to develop an alternative approach to electronic sounds, the human voice, the pianoforte and the organ.

A self-described “maximalist composer”, Palestine originally developed his organ technique in 1964 at the Unitarian Church on Central Park West, gave his first public performance in Holland in 1979, and has since played internationally on the instrument. In the early seventies he created a timbre adventure process especially for pipe organs that dialogues between each unique organ in its unique architecture, and entitled this work ‘SCHLINGEN BLÄNGEN’. For many years he has developed countless versions of this process for organs all over the world. He calls these processes 'ORGAN CONTINUUMSSS'.

Charlemagne Palestine maintained a long running collaboration relationship with Mika Vainio, starting in the late 1990’s with his work with Pan Sonic.

Paróquia de S. Martinho de Cedofeita

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