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10 - 11 FEV | 11AM - 5PM

Target Audience: Dancers, performers and actors with experience in movement and performance mid/advanced.

Access: 20 euros

Booking by the email: (limited capacity). CV should be sent.

Workshop vera mantero

Relaxation, voice exploration, writing, breathing and free association are some of the tools to be used in this workshop in order to arrive at movements, actions, structures and composition desires that are currently in us. Particular states of consciousness, attention to external and interior signs (awareness), the use of space and the exploration of objects and materials will be also important.


Vera Mantero
Vera Mantero
Vera Mantero
Vera Mantero

Choreographer, performer, researcher and thinker, Vera Mantero (b. 1966) is a major reference in contemporary dance. Her working process is similar to that of an archaeologist or astronomer whose gaze goes deep beyond the surface of the world to search, to find sparkling links, to decode them, while having the body as an instrument of experimentation. She uses writing as a medium to reflect on her work, to generate new ideas and to thoroughly capture a present that slips away. Her artist notebooks, starting from the mid-1980s and until early 2000s, uncover the route she took to condense her practice in a composition scheme which is, at the same time, concrete, poetical and philosophical in its dimensions. Vera Mantero’s work was a reference to the emerging Romanian dance scene in the 1990s and was later shown in Bucharest in 2007, and in Timișoara in 2021.  Mădălina Dan (b. 1980) is an established choreographer and performer who moved towards contemporary dance in the early 2000s, creating her own choreographies since 2007. Living in between places, cities and countries, she is preoccupied with the limitations to systematically documenting, collecting and self-historicising her work, while always carrying inside an imperceptible patrimony and walking with it everywhere. Drawn towards connecting art and life, she employs various protocols to navigate personal archives and understand how past impacts the present. She finds poetry in the precision and concreteness of life and unexpected humour and irony often pervade her dances. In her recent work, Mădălina Dan is interested in testing the tactile as an escape from the visible to the invisible realm of the subjective and affective body-reality.  Researcher, editor, arts manager and mediator, Ștefania Ferchedău (b. 1979) undertakes detective work in archives, interviews and by creating various contexts in which the artist’s working process becomes visible. She is drawn to understanding inner mechanisms of artistic thinking, to searching and generating unmediated access to the route that an idea, concept or text takes, to supporting and accompanying the construction site of an artwork. Ștefania Ferchedău believes in utopian projects being essential to the actual existence in the arts. In 2016 she founded the Institute of the Present, an interdisciplinary research structure which makes all of the above possible. desenvolvido por Bondhabits. Agência de marketing digital e desenvolvimento de websites e desenvolvimento de apps mobile